How Much Does It Really Cost to Study in Germany?

How Much Does It Really Cost to Study in Germany  2

Germany, with its universities and huge role in world history, poses an attractive option to many international students worldwide. In addition, many programs are taught in English. If you want to study in Germany, part of your preparation is knowing all your expenses once you go to the country. 

Read this article to know how much is the cost to study in Germany, from tuition fees to your daily expenses. 

Germany as a Study Destination 

German universities are known for their teaching, academic, and research excellence. In fact, 

47 of its higher educational institutions (HEIs) have ranked in the latest QS World University rankings. In addition, the country boasts a literacy rate of 100% for both its male and female adult population, an impressive reflection of the country’s education system. 

As a study destination for international students, Germany is starting to become one of the top choices in the world. In fact, in 2019, it has already overtaken France, another favorite study destination, when it comes to the number of international students pursuing a degree. According to a report, from DAAD, for the past five years, international students studying for master’s in Germany have increased by 72%, while those studying for a bachelor’s increase 50%. 

Tuition Fees

The majority of German universities’ tuition fees are subsidized by the state. Generally, students won’t be charged any tuition fees on most Bachelor’s degrees. For Master’s degrees, some may include tuition fees, but the fees are still relatively low compared to other western European countries. This exclusion to tuition fees also involves international students, regardless if they came from an EU country or not. 

An exception to this is the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg and private institutions. The state has decided to charge its non-EU students, €1,500 in tuition fees for each semester, no matter the degree level, except for doctoral students. Private institutions, on the other hand, do not get financial support from the government and are free to impose tuition fees on their students. 

All students in Germany, be they in a public or private institution, are required to pay a semester contribution for student services and the student government. A semester contribution usually costs around €100 to €350. 

Living Costs 

Although tuition fees are generally free in Germany, living expenses are not. According to DAAD, a German student’s average expenses, including rent, cost around €819 a month. 

Other expenses students may have while studying in Germany include food, utilities, rent, transportation, and even entertainment. Below are the estimated costs for each necessity. 

Food (restaurant) €10.00
Utilities (electricity, heating, water, cooling, garbage) €224.01
Movies €11.00
Accommodation Rent (1 bedroom apartment) €546.51 to €727.26
Transportation (1-way ticket) €2.75

Financial Assistance, Jobs, and Discounts

As an international student, you have a lot of options to fund your German education. One is through scholarships or other financial assistance. Germany offers a lot of financial assistance, from the government, non-government organizations, and institutions themselves for various degree levels. 

Students can also supplement their living costs through part-time jobs or discounts. International students are allowed to work. However, the conditions differ between European students and other nationalities in terms of hours of work and employment opportunities. When it comes to discounts, students may get discounts from many food establishments, theaters, museums, and buying books or gadgets if they have a valid student ID or an international student identity card (ISIC).

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