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Education is Key to Women Empowerment

Education is Key to Women Empowerment


As women around the world celebrated International Women’s Day on Mar. 8, numerous individuals and groups cited education as a key factor in women’s empowerment.

It’s a well-known fact that women today are more visible, holding key positions in government, business, the medical field, and other important sectors of society. And their role continues to grow as society itself progresses.

All this is due to these women receiving quality education. These women, it has been cited, have learned the value of their own roles in society. Education has also helped them find their self-worth and that no one should tell them otherwise.

While we have seen women Presidents, leaders of countries and private business, as well as medical and technology-driven industries thrive in their respective positions, there is still a large number of women out there who are not aware that they are empowered and that they have the same opportunities as their male counterparts. 

Unfortunately, certain cultures still see women as second-class citizens who have no voice. This is where well-educated women can play a role in making these women see that they too have a voice and that they should not be taken for granted.

A good education, it has been said, can help these women understand that they have equal opportunities as their male counterparts. Moreover, these women also have the opportunity to become truly productive and key members of society.

And while women are getting out into the world, they must not forget their own maternal instincts. This is why these very same individuals and groups remind women all over the world to still be caring and nurturing even as they make a name for themselves in the workplace.

Women can, for instance, help with vaccination efforts during the time of the current pandemic. By the same token, women who are empowered can be the voice of those women and children who have become victims of the current political crisis in Ukraine and  Russia. 

Whatever role they play, women are reminded that their empowerment should be used for the good of all around the world. 


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