Dos and Don’ts When Studying in Spain as an International Student

Student Guide Stay Safe While Studying in Spain

There’s no universal law governing what you should and shouldn’t do in Spain. As an international student, the key to shaping your journey is in your hands.

But often, challenges overwhelm and give more anxiety than comfort. Plus, other people prefer living by the rules rather than breaking them.

These dos and don’ts when studying in Spain will help you in your studies. Feel free to try them out and see how well each one works for you:


Stay Safe Especially in Public Spaces

As per the 2021 Global Peace Index, Spain is the 31st safest country in the world. Living in Spain is generally safe, but it won’t hurt to be cautious, especially in public. Keep a keen eye on your surroundings and stay alert at all times.

Attend All Your Classes

You pay for your tuition, so don’t let it go to waste. Attend all your classes so you can keep track of the curriculum. Make sure that you don’t miss out on important announcements by skipping classes.

Embark on Special Adventures

Exploring makes up a large chunk of your study journey in Spain. Unwind and embark on special adventures to recharge from a tiring semester.

Practice Independence and Resilience

Studying in Spain rewards you with a newfound sense of independence and resilience. Find ways to practice these two, from making your own decisions to standing up in the face of challenges.

Learn As Much as You Can

Gain as much insight as you can as an international student. Don’t only rely on textbook knowledge. Use your experience to exhaust meaningful learnings throughout your journey.


Relying on a Single Source of Funds

Spain is one of the most affordable places to live in Western Europe. But this shouldn’t make you complacent about your funds. Make sure to have an extra stream of funds to cover your expenses.

Attend Dangerous Festivals

The Pamplona Bull Run is one of the controversial and dangerous festivals in Spain. Its action-packed setting makes it enjoyable, but it also pushes watchers towards peril. So be careful with the festivals you attend.

Overspend on Travel and Dining

There are plenty of ways to travel and dine out on a budget in Spain. For instance, you can visit affordable places in Madrid. You can also enjoy a wonderful meal for only under ā‚¬10 in Barcelona.

Restrict Your Social Circle

Get yourself out there and enjoy the company of diverse people. Befriend Spaniards as well as students from your home country. This is a great way to have a good social life in Spain.

Disobey the Law and Local Regulations

Follow the law in Spain and adhere to local regulations. You can’t use ignorance of the law as an excuse. You may be a foreigner, but you’re there to study, so research before leaving for Spain.Ā 

A couple of dos and donā€™ts when studying in Spain can help you in your study journey. Check out more of our articles here at MSM Unify to enjoy life in Spain as an international student.


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