Casita and MSM Unify: Braving the Storms and Coming Out Stronger

Casita and MSM Unify: Braving the Storms and Coming Out Stronger

Casita and MSM Unify: Braving the Storms and Coming Out Stronger


Starting out as a company catering primarily to the Southeast Asian region, Casita has grown into a global company with three main hubs across the globe—Bangkok, Thailand; New Delhi in India; and Cairo in Egypt. These are complemented by a presence in more than 10 countries with around 1.2 million rooms and housing units.

Apart from this, Casita’s target audience isn’t made up of just one group. The student accommodation partner takes in exchange students and those looking for a short-term or long-term stay. Any student off to college or university looking for accommodations is welcome.

It is this very same diversified portfolio that has allowed Casita to brave the storm. By having a lean yet competent workforce in different key locations around the globe, for instance, it was able to pivot some of the staff assigned to student accommodations to take on other tasks in new markets once the situation began to look up earlier this year. By doing so, it did not need to lay off any staff members.

Flexibility and New Markets

The pandemic has brought about the rise of home study or online learning. By the same token, it has likewise given rise to the demand for studio-type housing where students would rather live alone, with their own kitchen and other amenities, in the name of health and safety. Casita understands this and has utilized its existing portfolio in various countries to offer such accommodations. Thus, more students avail of this in their own country or a neighboring one.

Value-Added Services

Beyond providing student accommodation, Casita also serves up different value-added services that help international students in their journey. This covers everything, from helping the student find the perfect room or house to suit their needs and budget to assisting them in changing their accommodations if they encounter a problem with the building or place they initially chose.

Casita prides itself in the kind of customer service it provides. It looks after its clients even after they’ve signed on the dotted line. It even offers assistance in looking for loans or financial aid to help students and their parents with payments.

Flow and Comfort

This diversification and wide range of value-added services give Casita a leg up on the competition. While others focus on specific markets like China, India, or Europe, Casita helps students flow easily to their preferred study destination in almost every part of the world.

Moreover, it provides comfort to its clients—not just with its various types of student accommodations but in the overall journey. It does its best to make its customer experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

The Casita and MSM Unify Partnership: Braving the Storm Together

As a student accommodation partner of MSM Unify, Casita shares the same vision of helping students study abroad via tech and the personal touch. One can say that the two entities complement each other.

“Our main focus is for our partners to be comfortable in using us first. Be comfortable about room availability, our coverage across the markets, wherever the students may be going,  the price points that we have, and most importantly, the customer service that we offer,” says Leigh Pulford, Casita director and co-founder.

With their efficient yet personalized approach to helping students study abroad and making their lives as comfortable as possible, Casita and MSM Unify have braved the pandemic storm together, coming out stronger for whatever lies ahead down the road. 

MSM Unify serves as an international student’s one-stop online resource for international education. From 40,000+ program offerings to free study guides to smart agent matching, we help them gain full control over their application and increase their chances of success in studying overseas.


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Casita and MSM Unify: Braving the Storms and Coming Out Stronger | MSM Unify
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