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Best Tools to Save Money in the UK

Best Tools to Save Money in the UK

Best Tools to Save Money in the UK

For international students, saving money while staying in the UK is hard. There’s always the lure of costly adventures and tempting fancy upscale items.

With the promise of fun in every corner, keeping your money intact is a struggle. Fortunately, there are various tools you can use to save extra cash which you can use in the future.

Use these tools to maximize your money-saving practices while in the UK:

Monitor Your Utility Usage With the Meter Readings App

Wouldn’t it be amazing to use an app to monitor your utility usage? Adding the Meter Readings app to your smartphone can help you manage your utility bills in the long run.

The Meter Readings app can monitor up to nine different meters including energy, water, and gas. You can visualize your monthly utility costs by plotting graphs. You can also compare any pair of readings. 

Use Containers to Save Food for Later

Don’t let your leftovers go to waste. If it’s still substantial, buy plastic containers to save them for later.

You can also buy freezer bags to keep your unused meat fresh for months. It’s a great way to save on food, especially if you’re on your own.

Download Savings Apps to Keep Extra Cash

Many savings apps are available in the market today. In general, you can use them to set a target expenditure and compute how much more you can save.

Most of their services are also automated, leaving the app to do most of the legwork for you.

Manage Your Monthly Budget With Excel or Sheets

Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets aren’t for formal business reports only. These are two popular services that you can use to manage your monthly budget.

You can use various formulas to create computations of your expenses and savings. If you’re feeling playful, you can personalize each sheet with colored tabs and tags.

Buy a Plug or Adapter That Saves Energy

High energy consumption is out; energy-saving plugs are in. 

With these items, you won’t have to worry about your energy usage too much. These plugs reduce the current that’s fed onto your devices and appliances. 

Obviously, it’s still best to remove your appliances from the power source when not in use. But if you opt for more convenience, consider getting a plug or two.

Share and Get Free Food With Olio

Olio is a simple app dedicated to the service of food sharing. People use this app to post their excess food. Then, other people can request the listing.

You’re not only getting free food from Olio, you’re also saving food from going to waste. 

Spend Less on Shopping With Cashback Sites

With cashback sites, you can shop for certain items and get a portion of the cost back to your account. 

Some cashback sites are Quidco and TopCashback. You just have to buy from a retailer on any of these sites. Once your purchase is complete, you’ll get your money back.

Money-saving tools can help you save more money in the long run. Discover more money-saving tips for international students here at MSM Unify.


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