A Guide to Russian Culture and Customs

A Guide to Russian Culture and Customs

Studying in Russia? If so, you must know that learning its culture and customs is important.

Russian culture and customs are some of the first things you must know. Understanding these matters is vital for your adjustment to Russian life.

Multiethnic groups constitute Russia’s identity. This means that you’ll encounter unique cultures and practices in the country.

If you’re eager to learn more about Russia’s rich cultural spectrum, you’re in the right place. We have the relevant information you need to settle in Russia.

Here’s a guide to Russian culture and customs:

Russian Languages

Did you know that there are over 100 minority languages in Russia? These languages and dialects are spoken across different Russian regions.

The majority of Russian citizens speak Russian as their first language. This is unsurprising since it’s the official language of Russia.

Most citizens are also English speakers. English is the second most spoken language in Russia.

Russian Culture

The Russians pride themselves on their rich cultural heritage. Russia is home to many historical sites that lure travelers each year.

Apart from these sites, there are also museums that house important art pieces. You’ll also find wonderful natural formations such as mountains and lakes in Russia.

If you want to enjoy Russia’s unmatched beauty, a train ride will do the trick. Hop aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway to enjoy beautiful sceneries. 

Religions in Russia

Russia is home to many religious groups. Only around 8% of Russians are atheists. The majority of the population are Christians. Islam makes up the next largest group. 

About 1% of Russians are of other religious beliefs such as Buddhism and Catholicism. Other religions in Russia are Protestantism and Judaism. 

Russian Customs: Daily Interactions

There are certain customs that govern social meetings. Remember these things when interacting or meeting locals:

  • Before entering a house, remove your shoes and coat.
  • Bring a small gift to the people you’re visiting.
  • When giving flowers, make sure they’re in an odd number.
  • Refrain from giving yellow flowers as it’s seen as bad luck.
  • Women must cover their shoulders and head when entering a place of worship.
  • Men must remove their caps or hats before they can enter a church.
  • When eating, hands must be at the table at all times.
  • Resting your wrists at the edge of the table is acceptable.
  • While eating, the fork must be in the left hand and the knife must be in the right.

Russian Customs: Business Settings

If you’re planning to work in Russia after graduation, you must also know business customs. Here are some:

  • Both men and women must be in formal attire during meetings.
  • Make sure to arrive on-time on a scheduled meeting.
  • Documentations must be in Russian AND English.
  • Don’t shake hands near the doorway as it’s viewed as bad luck.
  • Practice patience as meetings are usually long.
  • If you have business cards, make sure one side is in Russian, the other in English.

Knowing Russian culture and customs is essential in your stay in Russia. Want to know about other countries like studying in UK or studying in Australia, browse through our articles here at MSM Unify.


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