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7 Things You Shouldn’t Miss When Studying in Spain

5 Attractions That Students Must Visit in Spain

Studying in Spain often entails an adventure like no other. Beyond the university walls, there’s an entire world waiting ahead. And it’s packed with unforgettable delights you shouldn’t miss.

The first surprise comes with the favorable costs of education and life. Studying overseas often means taking out huge student loans and competitive scholarships. In Spain, financial sources aren’t the biggest obstacle.

The other side of the fun comes with exploring the country. Spain boasts a wealth of excitement that dares most travelers around the world. For international students, these also become sources of knowledge.

Don’t miss these seven things while you spend time as a student in Spain:

Attending Spanish Festivals

Spain overflows with some of the best festivals around the world. Reserve the date to partake in a tomato-throwing party at La Tomatina. Or you could attend the Pamplona Bull Run if you have the guts (and speed) to outrun raging bulls. If that’s too much action for you, join the lovely celebration of Semana Santa or Holy Week.

Visiting Madrid for Free

Madrid is the melting pot of culture, arts, and business in Spain. Museums such as Museo del Prado and Cerralbo Museum offer free entries on specific days. You can also enjoy Madrid nightlife without getting drunk on the high costs of food and drinks.

Indulging in Spanish Food and Delicacies

From the famous Paella to the great Sangria, Span doesn’t come short of delicious meals and drinks. Visit local restaurants near you to try traditional Spanish food and delicacies. Your pocket may take a good beating with these food trips but your tummy will thank you.

Eating Cheap Meals in Barcelona

Don’t want to overspend but still want to try savory dishes? Visit Barcelona during your free time and try meals below €10. You can take trips to restaurants such as Doña Jacinta and Bar la Patata. 

Going on Historical Trips

Beyond the blazing beauty of Spanish life lies a rich history. Embark on a journey across Spanish cities and visit various historical attractions. Visit the Sagrada Família in Barcelona or The Alhambra in Granada. You can check out our list of five attractions that students must visit to complete their bucket list.

Meeting Local People

Meeting local people is a great way to immerse yourself in Spanish culture. It’s also a great way to launch you out of your comfort zone and into a pit of newfound confidence. Who knows, you may even find real friendship from a Spanish local?

Skiing or Snowboarding

The Sierra Nevadas is the perfect spot for skiing or snowboarding. The breathtaking views at the top will leave an indelible imprint in your memory. The slopes of Sierra Nevadas are also open to both skiers and first-timers. Just remember to be careful before descending on a blanket of snow.

Spain offers wonderful surprises that you shouldn’t miss while you study in the country. Apart from these gems, Spain also houses some of the best universities around the world.


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