6 Student Hacks To Save Money on Electricity

6 Student Hacks To Save Money on Electricity
No one wants to spend a lot of money on bills. You surely wouldn’t want to receive your electricity bill with such a large amount for payment.

According to the statistics from the Energy Saving Trust, it would take around £40 a month and £41 on gas for a medium-sized household.

Fret not, there are hacks on how you can save money on electricity. This is a win-win as it can also help protect the environment. Below are some of the best ways to lower your electricity bills:

  • Make your home energy-efficient

Remember that less is more. When it comes to housing, a small reduction in usage saves valuable cash.

Shut your windows and doors tight. Turn the lights off when you do not need them. Turn the plugs off in the main switch. Boil only as much water as you need. Keep your furniture away from heaters to prevent the room from warming up. And after using, keep the oven door open when you need to warm the room up.

If you have a faulty boiler, it may consume more energy so check if that contributes to a big cost in the bill. Lastly, pack your freezer tight because when you open it and all the air comes out, it will use more energy to retain the frostiness that was lost.

  • Submit meter readings

It will only take two minutes or less to check the readings of your electricity meters, so try to submit the readings to assure you only pay for what you use.

Save yourself the worry of a massive lump-sum payment by paying what you should pay. It also makes you conscious to spend less electricity to keep you on stay budget.

  • Use a dishwasher instead of washing up

When you use a dishwasher, you use less energy, save money, and save yourself from the hassle of manual washing.

If you think that washing the dishes by hand will save you a lot, it will not. It is not considered practical as this task requires you to rinse every dish with a constant stream of water.

A dishwasher is considered the cheaper option as it only uses enough water that should be used. Only hand-wash those that the dishwasher may struggle with. 

  • Look for better deals and switch

A lot of students think that they can’t switch energy providers upon renting a property but what they don’t know is they can. Some students stick with the same supplier because they don’t want the extra hassle.

But when you compare prices between energy suppliers and switch, it could help you save serious cash. So, it is best to check the rates and find the best deal for you.

  • Use energy-efficient appliances

Appliances usually have their energy ratings and it is a must to let these influence your purchases. With rankings from A++ to G, keep in mind that it will be beneficial for you to choose those that further up the alphabet. Even though it would cost more, it will help you save money in the long run. Find an energy-efficient bulb and an energy-saving plug.

  • Charge your devices at the library for free

The library is not only for reading books and doing research, but it is also a place for free electricity. Before going home, take some time to charge every electrical device you have at the library. Read some books while waiting for them to be fully charged. Maximize the amenities provided by your school. They are there because they have a purpose.

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