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4 Interesting Facts About Russia for Students

4 Interesting Facts About Russia for Students

4 Interesting Facts About Russia for Students

Russia is an excellent destination for your international education. It has a great reputation for being a leader in specific disciplines. Aside from the weather, place, and language, its education system is also something that Russians can be proud of.

Get to know other interesting facts about this amazing country below.

Extensive university education

Russia is well-known for its academic leadership in mathematics, physics, and natural sciences. All courses, including chemistry, biology, history, politics, and political science, can also provide you with profound and essential knowledge.

According to the QS World University Rankings for 2020, Russia has 25 universities in the top 1,000, with Lomonosov Moscow State University being the top Russian educational institution at number 84. For Bachelor’s, Master’s, Specialist, and Postgraduate students, the country has 766 universities that provide roughly 205 fields of study and 657 courses.

Affordable university tuition fee

When compared to similar universities around the world, studying in Russia is generally less expensive. The tuition fees in the most prominent institutions are very reasonable in this country, which has made it easier for international students to regard it as an excellent place to study.

Your tuition fee will be determined by the subjects you choose and the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s standards. A full-time Bachelor’s Degree Program in any Russian university costs at least 83,000 Ruble which is only $1,125.48 per year. When you leave Moscow, the cost drops dramatically since fees vary by location. The farther you are in the urban areas, the cheaper the cost of living is.

Foreign residents can also study in Russia for free thanks to scholarships (quotas) that provide free tuition. International students can take advantage of exchange student programs offered by several Russian universities in addition to scholarships.

Student benefits of studying in Russia

Students who study in Russia are entitled to a variety of discounts, particularly in public and recreational areas. As a foreign student, you can participate in a variety of social activities such as sports, tourism, camping, and volunteering.

On-campus hostels are available at almost every institution in Russia. Most universities in the country, according to international students, offer good infrastructure and dormitories. International students save money on food because a lot of things are inexpensive, especially when studying outside of Moscow.

The use of the English language

International students must gain a strong grasp of the Russian language because most classes are taught in the native tongue. Foreigners may find it difficult to study in Russia due to a language barrier, although the outcomes are usually positive.

But don’t worry, a lot of colleges provide foreign nationals with Russian language programs and courses, which are often free for sponsored foreign students. On the other hand, students can enroll in universities that offer English-language programs.

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