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Explore Accommodation Options for International Students

Finding a place to live may be just as exciting for international students as choosing the country and university they want to attend. However, for other people, it could be stressful, particularly if they have a lot to choose from. International students frequently had to pick from a wide range of options

Discover rooms, apartments, and studios for rent from top accommodation providers in the globe.

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When deciding to study abroad, accommodation is undoubtedly one of the first considerations, and various circumstances will influence your choice.

When it comes to accommodations for international students, there are many to choose from. There are also several things to consider before making a decision on where to stay, which will likely be influenced by personal preferences.

There will be a housing option for you, regardless of your budget, whether it’s in the private market or on a university campus.

Discover rooms, apartments, and studios for rent from top accommodation providers in the globe.

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Types of Accommodation for International Students

Your options for student accommodation could be diverse and offer distinct experiences depending on where you choose to study. Additionally, you’ll discover that while finding lodgings in certain nations is a fairly simple process, doing so in others requires extensive planning and frequently results in higher costs than you had originally anticipated.

Private Accommodation

Students can live independently or with others looking for housing in these apartments and privately owned and operated dorms. Many websites link students and these service providers.

University Accommodation

These are dorms and student residences that the institution provides. They often have the advantage of being close to the campus and its amenities, offering a high level of security, and allowing residents to live with other students.

Temporary Accommodation

Some institutions provide short-term housing options for students, allowing you to look about and choose your permanent living situation after arrival. In the new nation, you can also find hostels to stay in; however, they can be pricey despite being convenient.


In some nations, like Canada, Australia, and the United States, staying with a local family is a common choice for international students. They can become more accustomed to the local way of life, use the language more frequently, and have a special experience with the host family in this way. It is often also inexpensive.

Should You Live on Campus or off Campus

International students may be required to spend their first year on campus at several universities. However, several factors can assist individuals who decide to attend a school where this restriction is not in place and pupils are free to choose what they want and need.

Here are some factors to think about while selecting housing for international students.

Privacy and Security

It is typical to share a room with someone in most on-campus housing. So, privacy can be a concern. Although some colleges do provide single rooms for students, these are uncommon and typically more expensive. Privacy is less of a concern for people staying off-campus. However, some international students might also decide to split the rent with other students.


You won't have to travel daily between your residence and your university if you rent an apartment on campus. If you don't have to travel daily from home to school, you can save a lot more money.

Campus Life

Students with all types of backgrounds can participate in on-campus activities. On-campus students, however, can simply join in more activities, particularly late-night ones, since they won't need to get anywhere afterward. The freedom to participate in activities off campus is greater for off-campus students.

Accommodation Cost

Various factors, including the nation, the institution, and the lodgings available to students, influence the price of accommodations. There is occasionally fierce competition to get into one because staying on campus can be less expensive. Rent can be just as inexpensive as on-campus lodging, though, if several people share the cost.

Evaluating Accommodation Options for International Students

When searching for accommodation, there are several factors to consider. While there may seem to be a lot to think about, planning can help you make the best decision for your accommodation needs while studying abroad.

Location of Student Accommodation

It's crucial to think about the time it would take to get to and from campus when looking for lodgings abroad. You must take into account the travel time and cost of using public transportation. You should also consider whether residing away from campus will prevent you from attending extracurricular activities or even classes there. Examine nearby businesses as well if you're considering moving there. Ensure access to public transportation or another workaround if essential establishments like grocery stores and a post office are not nearby.

Privacy is less of a concern for people staying off-campus. However, some international students might also decide to split the rent with other students.


Do not forget to verify the safety of the region you are considering. Whether you're lounging at home or going on a walk by yourself, you'll want to feel safe and comfortable. By speaking with student assistants or looking up internet reviews of former students, you can find options for where to stay. You will improve your college experience if you consider your priorities early on.

Lease Length

The agreement that enables you to rent your residence is called a lease. Off-campus housing often has an annual lease, but on-campus accommodation typically has a lease duration by semester or academic year. Some landlords will permit renters to sign leases for shorter periods if they commit to doing so for at least a few months.

Knowing how long your lease will last is crucial because you want to ensure that you will have a place to live for the duration of your study abroad experience without paying rent during that period. Remember that there may be charges associated with breaking a lease.


You will need to decide whether or not to share a room. You must be ready to live with other students and give up some of your usual privacy, whether you're sharing a room, an apartment, or a house.

In order to meet people before the academic year begins and possibly find a roommate if necessary, online university boards are frequently used to link students with other overseas students or individuals in similar degree programs. If you choose to live with strangers, attempt to get in touch with them before you move in to introduce yourself and set realistic expectations.

Things To Talk About With Your Roommate

Living with roommates makes it much easier to handle the stresses of college life. You can have someone to share the chores and help prepare meals. They’re also there to encourage you through a challenging week and accompany you on a city tour.

Before the semester begins, you should talk to your college roommate about these things. In this manner, you might agree while understanding one another from several angles.

Primary Details

Take some time to get to know your roommate before anything else. It will be easy to create a harmonious co-living space if you discover a common ground between you.

Contact Info

Request your roommate's contact information and give them yours as soon as you meet. It will help locate each other in case of an emergency.

House Rules

Establishing house rules can help avoid future disputes. Write the rules that have been agreed upon, which may include guidelines for eating, quiet times, visiting, cleaning schedules, and more.

Health Concerns

Talking about issues with your health and allergies is also helpful. Inform your roommate in advance to ensure a smooth process.

Considerations for Accommodation Options for International Students

While you are mainly responsible for arranging your own housing, especially when it comes to university housing, it is usual for your institution to provide assistance or support.

You can end up in anything between a beautifully renovated home and a shabby student hangout, depending on how well you plan and research the student housing market in your selected location.

MSM Unify outlines some of the things that you may want to consider before choosing your student accommodation:

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