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Work Experience Through Remote Summer Jobs for Students

Get Work Experience Through These Remote Summer Jobs for Students

Remote work enables students to work in different companies all over the world, making their employment options limitless. They just need a stable internet connection and they’re through. The US News and World Report stated that more companies will open their doors for distance summer work for students. Some of the remote summer jobs available for students are listed below.


Freelancing has always been present and a good source for students to pay for their studies. But this time, there are more freelancing gigs available. From technical support to content writing, freelance jobs also boost your resume.

Online Teaching and Tutoring

The demand for teaching and tutoring staff is now greater. A lot of students in the primary level are adjusting to the virtual setup and online teachers will help fill the gap. If you will be working as an online teacher, you have to work with students to understand the lesson while clarifying important points.

Marketing and Communications

Students taking these majors can easily find part-time jobs in this career path since these two have usually been at the forefront of online work. You can apply here and have responsibilities for content creation in blogs, articles, or social media posts.


Probably one of the most affected by the pandemic was the entertainment industry. However, entertainers need not worry because more remote work opportunities are provided this year. The US News and World Report gave HBO as an example. This streaming service platform offers online jobs for college students.

Telemedicine Support

Since the pandemic has increased demand for hospital care, telemedicine is anticipated to have a greater need for support roles. Their job description includes schedule coordination and logistics.


Entry-level research work is available to college students. This enables applicants to be accepted even if they don’t have a background in research or scientific work.

Virtual Event Organizing

In-person meetings have turned into webinars due to the restricted physical encounters. It is continuing to be the norm and students are perfect for this role, from event planning to logistics.

Virtual Internships

Not that much different from summer jobs, summer internship programs are becoming popular especially at this time when it is much more convenient. Major companies are offering paid internships for applicants.

Social Media

Social media has brought a lot of advancements and probably one of the best is monetizing it. Young adults like you can work for a company and use your presence in social media as an influencer that can earn your own income, receive sponsored products, or discounts.

Working amid the pandemic can be daunting. Discover tips on how you can survive today’s virtual setting by reading out articles.


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