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Why Trusting Your Instinct Matters in Selecting Your College

Why Trusting Your Instinct Matters in Selecting Your College

Why Trusting Your Instinct Matters in Selecting Your College
Pasted Image 0They say that you should follow your gut feeling. When you feel this, you get an immediate understanding of something. You just know. Your gut feeling or intuition helps in many aspects of your life, from relationships and even choosing the right school for you.

Believe it or not, trusting your instinct can be beneficial in the college selection process.

What Was Your First Impression?

First impressions last. When it comes to the schools you have listed, it is important to remember how you felt when you first learned about them. What did you feel when you first visited the school? How was college life and the environment there? If you felt uneasy about the campus tour, maybe you should trust it.

But when you have a great first impression, you should acknowledge it and take that into account when deciding on the school you’ll be attending.

Could You See Yourself There For Years?

Ask yourself, do you see yourself studying and coexisting in that school for four years or more? A lot of students can tell immediately if a school is a perfect fit for them. But if it is not for you, then you should not force yourself to like it.

Try imagining yourself at that school. Do you think you will grow and thrive in that environment? Do you see yourself living happily in the dorm? Can you picture yourself performing well in class?

What Do Your Emotions Say?

Your emotions also have a say in what college you should go to. Consider the first and later impressions you get. Indeed, you should not solely base your decision on instinct and emotion, but these two offer a powerful place to start when making the decision.

What Does Your Logic Say?

As they say, use your brain along with your heart when deciding, it should also be applied in picking your college. Emotions can be misleading at times, but logic will set your path straight. So, if you have a good or bad feeling about a school, be sure to look at the logical part of it. You can look at the statistics, research, course description, and more.

Sure, your heart says yes to a certain school, but what if that is not the best choice in the end? What if it is not practical, far, or simply not ideal?

Trust Yourself

College is filled with four years of roller coaster ride experience. So, it is best to be sure of the decision you will make not to waste money or time. You can transfer schools but you can avoid this stressful task when you take your emotions, logic, and instinct into consideration.

A gut feeling can be used to your advantage. As long as you consider everything, and with proper planning and execution, you can effectively choose the right school for you.

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