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What’s the Pomodoro Technique and How Can It Help You?

What’s the Pomodoro Technique and How Can It Help You?

What’s the Pomodoro Technique and How Can It Help You?

Have you ever had an experience where your body refuses to do work? Where do you have piles of tasks left unaccomplished until the very last minute? In situations where your mind rejects any type of activity, what do you do? 

Using the Pomodoro technique to end procrastination is a shallow perspective. In the real world, it provides benefits that extend a lifetime’s worth of rewards. It’s not only a one-time solution to overcome procrastination. It’s also a great habit that when practiced regularly, can reinvent your productivity.

But is the Pomodoro technique and how can it help you as an international student? In this blog, we’ll break down the specifics of the Pomodoro technique and its benefits:

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

Did you know that a humble university student was behind the Pomodoro technique? In the 1980s,  Francesco Cirillo struggled to complete his assignment. So he devised a way to commit to his tasks for 10 uninterrupted minutes. To watch the time, he used a kitchen timer shaped like a tomato, which is called “Pomodoro” in Italian.

The Pomodoro technique involves breaking down a complex task into 25-minute intervals. The goal is to focus on a single task with minimal to no distractions.

How Does the Pomodoro Technique Work?

The Pomodoro technique is fairly simple to do. The greatest challenge would be committing to these steps in the long run.

Here are the steps in using the Pomodoro technique:

  1. Choose a task to work on. Make sure to pick only one to avoid multitasking which leads to reduced productivity.
  1. Work on that task for 25 minutes. Make sure you’re focused and are working without distractions.
  1. Refrain from doing other tasks during the 25 minutes. While you’re working on a task, avoid checking your phone or doing something else. 
  1. Take a five-minute break before doing the next task. This short time allows you to rest without removing you from the energy of accomplishing tasks.

How Can the Pomodoro Technique Benefit You?

Once you commit to the Pomodoro technique, you can apply it to any kind of task you take. You can use it when managing your living expenses, planning your travels, or studying.

In the long run, this technique can deliver more meaningful benefits. Here are some of those:

  • The Pomodoro technique develops your sense of discipline. It allows you to focus on a single duty and commit to it until completed.
  • Starting any task becomes an easy feat. The hardest part of any work is the beginning. The technique allows you to overcome that stage before eventually getting to do the rest.
  • It allows you to fight against distractions. In productivity, distractions are your best enemy. Most of the time, these distractions are meaningless and serve no purpose. This technique can help you find the distinction between important ones to trivial ones. 

Being an international student means you have to take on various tasks to achieve your dreams. Find more tips to beat procrastination here at MSM Unify. You’ll also find helpful stories here to study effectively, so be sure to check them out.


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