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Ways To Survive College Math

Ways To Survive College Math

Ways To Survive College Math
Pasted Image 0Are you ready to take more advanced math than in your high school? Ready or not, you have no choice as college will throw a much more difficult math problem at you. There is no doubt that math is not a favorite by many. Lots of students have a hard time solving tough math problems.

If math is not your best suit, it’s fine. We have our own strengths and weaknesses. And what makes college great is that you can explore more about the subject that you are interested in unlike in high school where the focus is on general education.

Whether your program is not related to math, you still have to take at least one college-level class in math. This is because our daily lives are filled with math. Developing your math skills ensures that your foundation of knowledge is well-established.

To help you be prepared for college math, below are ways for you to overcome this:

Read Your Syllabus

Just like any other subject, it is important to read and review your course syllabus. Understanding the expectations and rules set by your professor plays an important role in evaluation in class. There, you will know about policies in attendance and class participation. There could also be a list of what and when your homework, quizzes, and exams will be taken.


College is very different from high school. In college, you will learn that you will get grades by independent learning. Usually, college math subjects meet about two to three times a week, covering all the topics on the subject in just one semester.

That’s a pretty fast phase. So, you need to read and comprehend your textbook on your own. However, math is a much harder language to read. Coupled with its own tough vocabulary consisting of equations, formulas, and theories, you should get to your A-game in remembering the important principles and formulas.

Think of Homework as Practice

Your college math homework is there for a reason. It is not only a school requirement but it can also be used as a practice. Instead of quickly answering all the questions, why not try slowly solving the problems so you can absorb the information better. Practice more problems than you usually do. Challenge yourself for you to feel like you’re in command of the subject. No one loves homework, but it can be used to develop your mathematical and analytical skills.

Notice Patterns

College math concepts can be overwhelming. To get through this subject, you may have to combine techniques and materials from the course then use this as a tool to ace the problems. Use all the knowledge you have as a backup and support. Usually, patterns or procedures show up in math problems. When you notice this, it will be much easier to make connections to older material, then from here, you can understand the new material quickly.

College math is a tough subject you need to pass through. Gather learning tips that will be helpful for your study by reading our articles.


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