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Ways To Stay Motivated Throughout Online Classes

Ways To Stay Motivated Throughout Online Classes

Virtual classes have their pros and cons. Sure, it is a much more convenient way of learning because it can be done at home and has less risk of contamination to the virus. But some students suffer in online classes due to weak internet connectivity. They also feel burnt out and are prone to being unmotivated to study.

Even online class is a distanced learning, it is still as crucial as a regular class. So, read on to note some of the ways on how to stay motivated throughout the school year.

  1. Organize all your tasks

This virtual setup may be overwhelming for you, with all the classes and assignments slowly turning into a blur. It is just a good thing to create a to-do list with specific tasks. May it be small or broad, make sure to be precise. When you are organized, you know how to keep track and what needs to be done.

Write down your tasks on paper, whether it is a post-it note, whiteboard, planner, or an app on your phone. There are lots of productivity apps that you can use, all customized for your learning style.

  1. Set goals and celebrate small successes

Setting realistic goals and rewarding yourself are small points on your road to success. These acts enhance your performance as a student, what more when you are distance learning.

Make your goals attainable, specific, and time-bound. This way, it will be easier to know when you reached your goal. You can also track your progress and pace yourself.

When you set an absurd goal, chances are you will feel frustrated and unsatisfied. Know that achieving goals is not a race, so small progress is still progress.

When you reach even a small goal, reward yourself with something pleasurable, whether it is an episode of a series or a snack you’ve been craving for.

  1. Don’t let failure stray you

It would not be beneficial for you if you let yourself beat up when you are unable to check off your to-do list. If you fall short on what you are trying to achieve, it’s okay. Studying and coping up with the pandemic already are big tasks. When you fail, it doesn’t end there. Be considerate with yourself, acknowledge that you are doing great in this virtual setup.

Have a mindset that accepts your struggles and failures. Do not punish yourself for all the unfinished tasks. Remember that you are doing good, slowly yet surely.

  1. Get support

Though the pandemic has made us physically distant, we are not alone. If you find yourself feeling fatigued in class or feeling overwhelmed by all the stressors, asking for help won’t bite. Talk to a counselor and your professor about how you are trying your best to be motivated. It is understandable, even your classmates can relate to it.

Learn more ways and tools on how to stay motivated. Read our articles at MSM Unify.


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