Ways to Narrow Down Your Scholarship Hunt

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Scholarships give students the chance to study even when they donā€™t have enough funds. Students value the significance of financial assistance in their education that they take the extra mile to look for one.

Searching for a scholarship is not an easy job. You will need to exert a lot of time and effort to have a list that you would eventually apply. It will take researching, applying, and researching. But with the thousands of scholarships available, where do you start? Below are ways to help you narrow down your scholarship search.

Look everywhere

Scholarships are everywhere. And it is up to you how to find it. There are multiple levels that you should consider and look for. First, look for scholarships within your community. Ask your high school counselor if they can recommend you one. But counselors do not know everything. You can go to your local governing body or organizations. Who knows, the right scholarship is just beside the corner?

When youā€™re tired of finding locally, go searching at the state and then at the national level. Research about national scholarships. Look for them online while checking the qualifications given. This progression will keep you from being overwhelmed by all the opportunities given.

Look with your major

Many scholarships are related to a certain major or a specific field. If you already know what major you want to pursue, use this as a resource in finding the right scholarship for you. There are scholarship aggregate websites that will be helpful for you as this lists down available scholarships depending on a specific major.


There are scholarships designed for a certain race, religion, or even gender orientation. Use your demographics to find a scholarship, whether you are a black person, Catholic, gay, single parent, or has a disability. Capitalize on this and you might just be surprised by the many opportunities for you. Scholarships are well-represented. So, if you are a learning disability, in the first generation, adopted, or whatnot, try not to be ashamed but use this as the key to your goal.

Try some hobbies, extracurriculars

You have probably heard of scholarships for the varsity team but there is more to that. Aside from sports-based scholarships, you can also look into the others. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts also offer scholarships. Think of the interests, hobbies, and talents you have and maximize this into something more. List down the extracurricular activities that you joined. From there, start searching.

Being able to be awarded a scholarship is a rewarding feeling since you have fewer expenses to pay for your education. After all, it is free to apply for a scholarship. All it takes is patience, hard work, and faith that you can get a slot.

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