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Updated COVID-19 Guidance For Adelphi University Effective Mar. 1

Updated COVID-19 Guidance For Adelphi University Effective Mar. 1

Updated COVID-19 Guidance For Adelphi University Effective Mar. 1

Adelphi University’s Health and Wellness team is thrilled to inform that the campus positivity rate, as reported on the University COVID-19 Dashboard, is now at a shockingly low 0.05%, even when compared to Nassau County’s very low rate of 2.10%.

Gene Palma, Vice President of University Wellness, Safety and Administration, shared the incremental changes to the institution’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts, which will take effect on Mar. 1.

Key Takeaways:

  • The COVID-19 guidelines, which were recently announced by Adelphi University, will go into effect on March 1st.
  • Adelphi’s rollbacks were carefully evaluated in order to establish a balance between student, educator, and staff safety and comfort.
  • Visitors to Adelphi’s campuses, including students, professors, and staff, must continue to use the AU2GO app to complete the daily health check.

Adelphi’s rollbacks have been carefully considered in order to strike a balance between the safety and comfort of students, educators, and staff.

Updated COVID-19 guidelines

Unless actively eating or drinking, all community members in indoor situations, regardless of vaccination status, must wear appropriate face coverings as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

When physical separation is impossible to maintain in outdoor areas, individuals are recommended, but not compelled, to wear masks.

The UC Dining Hall and The Eatery at Post Hall will reintroduce self-serve dining choices, including salad bars. At meetings and gatherings on campus, catering, serving, and eating food and beverages will be permitted.

Students, professors, and staff who visit any of Adelphi’s campuses must continue to utilize the AU2GO app to complete the daily health check. When possible, employees are urged to do virtual meetings, however actual meetings on campus are allowed.

COVID-19 occupancy restrictions are eliminated for all spaces; all rooms may be used to their full fire code capacity. Physical separation is recommended but not essential.

When possible, internet student meetings are encouraged, but actual meetings on campus are allowed.

Ambassadors for health and safety will continue to be strategically placed to guarantee proper mask use indoors and to provide information and assistance. They will continue to check that Adelphi residents have completed their daily screening via the app, as will Public Safety personnel.

Adelphi’s vaccination policies remain in effect. Other COVID-19 guidelines effective at Adelphi University can be found here.

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