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Unusual Tips for Finding Great Scholarships

Unusual Tips for Finding Great Scholarships

Unusual Tips for Finding Great Scholarships
Pasted Image 0You’ve probably looked into scholarships online, asked your counselors, and talked to potential universities. This is the usual route in finding a scholarship. But now what? If you think you need more ways for you to have a sure slot for being a scholar, you can follow unusual tips that will be helpful to you. Since the majority of students follow the usual route in getting a scholarship, maybe it would be ideal for you not to take this route.

Here are some of the unusual ways for you to get one:

Check locally

Do not go too far. You have probably searched for regional awards and national scholarships, and you have overlooked the scholarships that are just within reach. 

So, make sure to look into your county or town’s available scholarships, too. And you may just be surprised with the opportunities that you might’ve missed if you didn’t check. 

It is best to search it up on your own. If you expect that your counselor should know about this, you need to remember that they can’t know everything. Contact your local boards and ask if there are available scholarships for you. Get outside of your home and search for scholarships even in surrounding towns.

Look for bizarre scholarships

Everyone could probably apply to those regular scholarships, but what if you look into those strange ones? Whether you believe it or not, you may be surprised about all these scholarships that may seem an exact match with your personality, talent, and passion.

For example, there is the Valeant Dermatology Scholarship, which is designed for students being treated for acne, and the Tall Clubs International Foundation Scholarship, which is for tall students, women over 5’10” and men over 6’2″.

Do not forget to consider these oddball scholarships in your list. Who knows, this is your chance to find and eventually win one.

Ask friends of the family

Your family may have a wide network of professionals, friends in different industries, and colleagues. So, ask your parents if they know someone who could help you find scholarships through their company. Companies award scholarships and you may find the perfect grant for you when you talk to a family friend. If they don’t have a lead, they can give you suggestions and referrals.

If you’re shy or uncomfortable talking to them, you could simply ask your parents if they could ask for you. After all, this will help them a lot to save money and allot this saved money on your rent and living expenses. Just by asking friends, your parents could find you the scholarship that you are looking for.

Scholarship hunting can be stressful. Look into scholarship tips and tricks by browsing our other articles here at MSM Unify.


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