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Tunisia Eyes to Become Int’l Study Destination

Tunisia Eyes to Become Intl Study Destination

Key Takeaways:

  • Tunisia intensifies its efforts to become an international study destination by 2025.
  • Tunisia seeks to have 10% of its total higher education student body coming from overseas.
  • Tunisia is developing various programs and maintaining cooperation with African countries to reach its target international students in the next four years.

Tunisia is now intensifying its efforts to become an international study destination by 2025, with an anticipated 10% international student enrollment surge for its total higher education student population.

With the majority of international students coming from Africa, some four percent of the 240,000 students enrolled in their higher education institutions prior to the pandemic were from outside the country.

During the 2021 Going Global Conference, Malek Kochlef, director general of international cooperation at the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, said that the country has a strategy to “reinforce the position of Tunisia as a destination for international students.”

They are currently developing new programs to attract international students and, later on, heighten the international student enrollment, he added.

Moreover, in response to the pandemic, Tunisia was hands-on in providing accommodation to international students facing economic struggles and difficult access to housing. Psychological counseling and financial support were also provided.

While some students were unable to go to Tunisia during the pandemic, a centralized examination system was created and administered to around 900 international students across the globe.

Aside from developing new programs to reach its target of 10% of students coming from overseas in the next four years, Tunisia is also maintaining cooperation with African countries.

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