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Top 5 Must-Visit Places in Valencia for International Students

Culture Shocks for International Students in Spain

If you’re planning on studying in Spain soon, you may have already heard of Valencia. This energetic city is the third-largest in the country and is brimming with both ancient and modern architecture.

A trip to Valencia can easily be one of the best trips you’ll ever be on while in Spain. Here, you can experience a wide range of activities, especially in its top tourist destinations.

Take a look at these five must-visit places in Valencia to add to your bucket list:

Malvarrosa Beach

There’s no better way of spending your summer than taking a trip to Malvarrosa Beach. This beautiful spot is a top tourist attraction with its fine sand along the Mediterranean waters.

Apart from the usual swimming and jogging, you can also visit the old home of the famous Vicente Blasco-Ib√°√Īez. Today, it’s been turned into a museum where you can see an exhibit of his literary pieces.

City of Arts and Sciences

If you want to transport yourself into a world of futuristic architecture, look no further than the City of Arts and Sciences. This complex has out-of-this-world building designs which offer a new perspective into modern architecture.

Here you’ll find the iconic Oceanografic Aquarium embraced by surrounding water features. Or you can visit the¬† Prince Felipe Museum of Sciences that houses interactive activities to stimulate your mind.

Bioparc Zoo

Unlike other zoos you’ve ever been to, Bioparc Zoo makes the experience more immersive. There are no cages or fences to keep the animals here – there are only natural landforms to keep them apart.¬†

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll enjoy seeing a wide variety of creatures wandering around the park. Don’t forget to look out for its marvelous African animals as they’re the main highlight of the park.

Mercado Central

Visiting Valencia won’t be complete without a trip to the oldest European market. Mercado Central (or Central Market in English), is home to many shopping stalls where you can buy dry and wet goods.

Apart from the usual shopping trip, you can also simply enjoy the view of over 400 stalls in the place. At the center of the market, you’ll find a tapas bar where you watch busy shoppers and merchants just going about their day.

Plaza de Ayuntamiento

The Plaza de Ayuntamiento is the perfect place to be during Spring to take pictures and join the Falles festival. Apart from these, you can also stroll around the plaza and see many iconic buildings like the Teatro Rialto.

You can also take part in the tours here to learn more about the buildings and their histories. If you want, you can bring a friend with you too so you can take pictures of each other.

Spain is rich with beautiful cities like Valencia where people flock to visit tourist destinations and other attractions. Read more about Spain’s student attractions here at MSM Unify.


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