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Tips on Deciding Which Language You Should Learn

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But your choice of language can be crucial in helping your career to thrive. You don’t have to master it, what you need to have is just a base knowledge where it will be easy to back up when learned.

So, what language should you choose to learn? Here are some tips to help you out.

List the places you want to visit

Craft a list of places where your interests lie. It would be a great motivator to learn a specific language if you note the places you would like to visit. If Paris is a dream destination for you, you need to speak French when you get there.

You should also take note of the study destinations that you would like to go to for you to have a much easier adjustment to the country. Although you are proficient in English and the country you plan to go to is English-speaking, it may still be best to learn that country’s second language just in case.

Know your motive

Ask yourself: why do you want to learn a foreign language? If the answer is because of studying abroad, your choice of language may vary due to the country you want to study. If you want to learn just for the sake of passing a class, choose a language that is similar to English in structure and form.

If you are a traveler who wants to see the world for yourself, why not look into the languages most widely spoken in the country you will travel to? You may be surprised that a lot of African countries, 32 of them, speak French.

Check the difficulty of the language

Some people are just good at mastering a new language. They take on the challenge to be immersed in the language and even its alphabet. If you want to challenge yourself, why not try Japanese or Mandarin? Other tough languages are Spanish and French, though these may be more familiar to you.

Establish your foundation

The majority of language learners choose the language that they are familiar with. If you are fluent in English, you can try Spanish or French since the sentence structure and grammar are similar. Also, it may be best if you took a foreign language class in high school. This will make learning the language much easier since the foundation is already built.

Know your options

It is always a good thing to check your options first. If you are excited to learn Ancient Greek, you might just get disappointed if your college does not have a language course on that. In this case, research is a must. Look into available language opportunities in your college and start from there. Choose what’s best for your learning style.

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