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Things You Should Not Do Before High School Senior Year

Things You Should Not Do Before High School Senior Year

Things You Should Not Do Before High School Senior Year
Senior year in high school can be hectic with all the needed requirements to be submitted and all the things that need to be done. If there is probably a thing that you should not do during summer, the time to de-stress is procrastinating. So, this summer, you need to change this attitude. 

As summer gives you lots of time for yourself, you need to utilize this time to better use. Maximize this time to improve yourself so that you need not worry about anything in college.

To give you an insight, we have listed some things you should not do during this summer before your senior year.

Slack off

Almost every high school student experiences ‘senioritis’, or the decreased motivation to study during the last year of their high school. Sure, experiencing a bit of this is understandable but nearing the end of your study should not be the time for you to slack off. Senior year is the year where you should make the most out of the high school experience.

You might think that grades are not important anymore, but it still is. Senior year should be allotted for friends while still keeping academics in mind. Extracurricular events might exempt you from class, but that doesn’t mean you’re exempted from schoolwork.

So, before being a senior student, make sure to not slack off. Participate well to have good grades.

Ignore your college prep research

As summer gives you plenty of time, it is just the right time to narrow down your prospective college list, research the universities and programs, and the eligibility requirements as well. Early planning for college is the best thing that you can do while on break. The earlier you prepare, the more time you have for applying.

Delay studying for your ACT/SAT

In your senior year, you will probably feel overwhelmed and burnt out by all the workload and tests that you have to take. Not to mention that you still have to squeeze the college stuff into your studies. So, during the summer before your senior year, try your best to find time in studying for your SAT/ACT. This way, you won’t be burdened by all these tasks.

Delay asking for a recommendation letter

The people you will be asked to craft you a letter of recommendation needs enough time to write it. They need to have time to write a recommendation that shows their achievements, strengths, and growth. Before the senior year starts, you have to inform your teacher, coach, or counselor about this.

Post inappropriate things on social media

College admission officers look into applicants’ social media profiles. Before they do, it would be wise to do some social media cleaning. Remember that colleges look for well-rounded and professional students. So, delete those posts that will just put you in a bad light.

College is a fun and thrilling roller coaster ride experience. Get more tips about college by browsing through our articles.


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