Things To Avoid To Get Along Well With Your Roommate

Things to Avoid to Get Along Well with Your Roommate

However, you need to get along since you two or more will be living in the same room, sharing the same bathroom, kitchen, and utilities. So, you may have to set ground rules and adjust accordingly. Also, here are some things to avoid to keep a civil relationship with your roommate:

Being messy

Who likes a slob, especially the untidy ones? Sure, you don’t need to scrub your room down every day but keeping your space clean is a must. Avoid loitering down clothes or tissues on the floor or gross leftovers around. College is the time you should learn to be independent, so you should not depend on your mom. Keep your side of the room clean and it will keep you out of trouble.

Being loud

If you like going to parties, that’s fine, but do not bring the party to your dorm room. It is common sense to be considerate of others and not make noise. Don’t blast your music or talk loudly on the phone when your roommate is studying or sleeping. You surely don’t want your roommate to do this to you. If you like listening to music while studying, use headphones or earphones.

Bringing friends or significant others without permission

Before inviting someone over to your place, make sure that your roommate knows and approves. It can be awkward for your roommate to be in between your friend’s or boy/girlfriend’s conversation. Also, you don’t want your roommate to feel like a third wheel. So, plan ahead of time and make prior arrangements.

Borrowing things without permission

This is a common cause of trouble. And you know that stealing is never right. So, when you borrow your roommate’s things, you must ask their permission first. It is completely fine as long as they give you the consent to use their stuff, just know how to properly take care of it. Sneaking their stuff just because they are not around is a big no-no.

Being offensive and rude

Know that your roommate is also human. If they did something wrong, try to understand where he or she is coming from. If you know a thing that annoys your roommate, do not do it. Learn the virtue of respect. Follow the golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. This way, you can expect the same courtesy you are giving to him or her.

While room-sharing can be difficult for some, it is a small thing for others. When you start to be mindful that someone else shares the space with you, then you will learn how to respect each other’s privacy. Being considerate and understanding of your roommate’s needs can result in a wonderful friendship that lasts beyond your student years.

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