The Benefits and Downsides of Working in College

The Benefits and Downsides of Working in College.

Plenty of part-time job offerings are available for students to choose from, including:

  • cashier
  • barista
  • tutor
  • sales associate
  • babysitter
  • animal caretaker
  • bank teller
  • brand ambassador
  • host/waitress

Interested in getting a part-time job? There are pros and cons that you should consider before applying for one. Is it worth it? Are you prepared for additional responsibility?

Below are the benefits and downsides of being a part-time worker, full-time student.

The Pros

  • Earn income

The biggest benefit you can get by being employed is making money. Usually, part-time jobs offer hourly pay, so the more time you work, the more money you will earn. This salary can be used as a way to pay tuition and school supplies, pay for rent and utility, and decrease your student debt. You can also use this to put in your bank as an emergency fund.

  • Learn how to manage time

Since college is a test of whether you can manage everything, part-time jobs help you develop time management skills. You will be surprised how you can balance everything once you get employed.

  • Gain valuable work experience

Same with internships, part-time jobs look good on the resumƩ. Part-time jobs help you develop teamwork, communication, decision-making, and more skills that will be useful for your future work.

  • Networking

Working gives you the chance to expand your network, from your colleagues, employers, and even clients. Grab any opportunities that come and make the most out of the experience.

The Cons

  • Heavy workloads

College is undoubtedly full of workload. So, it is important to consider getting a job if you’re prepared to handle all these heavy workloads. Remember that your education is your priority. But if you can’t give enough time for your study, you can adjust your working hours. Work for only a few hours or do freelancing gigs instead. Work-study programs are also available in schools, designed for students who need to be focused more on their studies.

  • Time away from family and friends

Since you will be focused more on all the workloads in school and work, as a result, you will be having less time with your loved ones. But you can overcome this through proper time management. If possible, make your weekends limited for family and friends only.

  • Less time for college experiences

College is way beyond earning a diploma. There are a lot of things you need to experience in college that will make your college life worthwhile. But since you are employed, you will experience less of these. Your work schedule can compromise the college experiences that you should not miss. But it’s not impossible to have both. With proper organization and time management, you can attend to both.

If you think that working is not an ideal thing for you to do, you can consider different other options to earn money. Read our articles about this here at MSM Unify.


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