Subjects You Can Take in a Hospitality Management Course

Subjects You Can Take in a Hospitality Management Course

Want to work in the hospitality industry? A hospitality management course would be right for you. You will need a diverse range of skill sets to be able to survive in a multicultural environment. Not only do guests come from different parts of the globe, but also the staff working in the kitchen, behind the reception desk, and in the rooms bring along with them their background and working styles. 

Here are some of the classes in Hospitality Management you have to take to be able to lead a team in hotels and other accommodations establishments.

Human Resources Management in Hospitality

One of the subjects in a hospitality management course is learning smart strategies to apply when thinking about recruiting. A key factor in the “job description” is to be able to communicate with different workers from different backgrounds – as one team. 

For the company, managers need to forecast short- and long-term staffing needs and define the tasks and responsibilities involved in each job.  

Human resources management in hospitality works in two ways – to attract and maintain an effective workforce. This means a future manager also has to learn how to determine appropriate types and levels of remuneration and incentives, including wages, formal benefits, and perquisites. It also requires coming up with smooth training and orientation, a feedback process, and policy guidelines for the staff.

Front Office & Housekeeping Operations

For some, managing the front office and housekeeping units of an establishment is the most challenging. Arguably, it takes empathy to put another person’s needs ahead of your own – whether the guest is irate or pleasant to talk with. 

The class in Front Office & Housekeeping Operations plays a vital role in teaching future managers how to make the best impressions about the level of services and facilities they are providing.

For the front office, managers have to coordinate well with the team the ongoing activities and foreseeable challenges in the day. The hospitality industry is open 24/7 so learners have to know how to compartmentalize tasks and delegate responsibilities at night such as auditing. Front desk officers, who work under the supervision of the manager, should be prompt to answer questions.

Ensuring good sanitation standards is also part of the job. Future managers of housekeeping operations should know how to schedule cleaning among the available workforce during the shift. They will also be responsible for supervision, procurement, expense reporting, and budgeting.

Convention Management and Services

Events are a vital part of the hospitality industry. This maximizes the accommodations establishment’s facilities for revenue generation. Future managers need to learn how to distribute events in their rooms. For example, it is not advisable to place a boy band fan meet next to a seminar about the psychology of silence. 

Managers also have to be updated with the latest tech in lights and sounds and to make proper tech rehearsals ahead of time. They also need to know how to coordinate well with those preparing the food in the kitchen in time for lunch, dinner, or snack breaks.

These are some of the subjects you have to learn to prepare yourself for a fulfilling life in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality management courses are diverse and can be hard to choose from. Check out MSM Unify articles about the hospitality industry to be familiarized and know more about it.


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