Studying in Russia: What Can International Students Expect?

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Russia may not rest on the upper crust of study destinations, but it sure is getting there! With growing popularity among international students, tapping into Russia is a wise choice.

But like any journey, studying in Russia demands adequate research, planning, and preparation. The first of which must start with your expectations of the beautiful country.

Will the cost of bare essentials shock you or will the prospects of travel delight you? Whatever it is that you expect, it’s best to keep them within the lines of reality.Ā 

To help you build a better picture, here’s what you can expect by studying in Russia:

Flexible Student Accommodation Options

Whatever your lifestyle is, there’s always an accommodation that’s right for you. In Russia, you can choose to live in a university dormitory or an apartment. You can make your arrangements to suit your budget and needs as a student.

Reasonable Cost of Living and Studies

You need around $300 to $400 every month to cover your living costs in Russia. These include your accommodation, meals, and other leisure needs. Study costs are expensive but you get top-quality education in the best universities.

Efficient Public Transportation System

You won’t have to worry about riding mass transit in Russia. The entire public transportation system is safe and reliable for all passengers.

Top-Notch Education from Top Universities

Russia is home to some of the most esteemed universities around the world. But if it’s the costs that scare you, check out our list of the most affordable universities in Russia.

Wide Selection of Education Programs

Nothing beats a study destination that expands the horizons of your dreams. Russia offers a wide variety of education programs perfect for any type of dreamer. You can dive into business, engineering, medicine, arts, law, and more!

Adaptable Culture and Customs

Russia boasts a population with nationalities around the world. This may have you feeling culture shock for the first few weeks. But you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to adapt to Russian culture and customs.

Many Opportunities for Exploration

Russia is overflowing with spectacular landmarks that travelers often yearn to see. Fortunately for you, we have a list of budget-friendly places to visit in Russia to help you explore the country!

Fantastic Student Benefits

Did you know that you can get reduced tariffs on mass transit as a student in Russia? If you’re a full-time student at a state-accredited university, you are entitled to this benefit!

Amazing Russian CuisineĀ 

If you ever crave your favorite meal back home, take a bite into Russian cuisine. The delectable flavor might just be enough to take your woes away! See our list of must-try Russian food so you can spoil your taste buds with the world’s best dishes.

A Vibrant Student Life

The campus culture upheld in many Russian universities makes student life more meaningful. International students will have access to top-tier facilities and services. Universities also value diversity and inclusivity, making the environment more friendly for all.Ā 

Whatever your expectations are of studying in Russia, the country can meet them. Dive into our articles here at MSM Unify to learn more about this beautiful country.


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