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Spanish Food and Other Delicacies That International Students Must Try

Spanish Food and Other Delicacies That International Students Must Try

Spanish Food and Other Delicacies That International Students Must Try
Pasted Image 0When you study and live in a place far from home, it’s a given to feel excited to tour the area, know the people, visit local attractions, and of course, taste homegrown cuisine. Spain offers all of these, especially mouthwatering Spanish food. The country is considered one of the best places for foodies as there are plenty of choices to indulge in.

Spanish people enjoy every bit of their meal, as their lunch takes about two to three hours on average. For your easy picking, we have listed some authentic Spanish food and other tasty delights that are a must-try when you study in Spain.


Probably the most well-known Spanish dish is the paella valenciana or simply paella. This rice dish is cooked over an open fire with meat, chicken, rabbit, snail, vegetables, or shellfish. It originated in the fields of Valencia.

Paella has been cooked in diverse ways by cooks in Spain, enabling you to taste different versions in several restaurants. The best way to try paella in the most authentic manner is by avoiding touristy-looking restaurants and going to local paella restaurants.


Undoubtedly, sangria is one of the most famous drinks in Spain. It traditionally consists of red wine as the base alcohol, chopped citrus fruits, and often includes other spirits such as triple sec and brandy, with lemon-lime soda, sugar, and ice. Sangria is enjoyed in the summer at bars, chiringuitos, restaurants, and during festivities.

Sangria is also great for parties as it is often mixed in a large punch bowl. Share this drink with your friends after your exams. Other wine-based Spanish drinks that you and your friends must try are vino tinto, tinto de verano, and kalimotxo.

Churros con Chocolate

If you are looking for something sweet and filling, churros con chocolate is your go-to chocolatey dessert. This sweet treat is made of long, fried, and sugary sticks of dough paired with a cup of Spanish chocolate for dipping. This dipping chocolate is thick and more like hot fudge, enough to satisfy your dark and rich chocolate craving.

One order of churros is a good choice for breakfast, snack, or dessert for two people. If you are not willing to share, you can enjoy churros on your own.


Spanish people are a big fan of using pork in their dishes. One of Spain’s excellent pork products is chorizo, a Spanish pork sausage flavored with garlic and smoked paprika. You can choose between smoked or unsmoked chorizo. Some versions of it can either be spicy (picante) or sweet (dulce). It is a salty, mouthwatering and flexible food, and can be eaten with almost anything, from any savory dish to just your favorite baguette.

Spain is a culturally rich nation with delicious treats. There are a lot more to enjoy such as tortilla española, orxata, cava, patatas bravas, agua de valencia— you name it, Spain has it.

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