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Salisbury Council Opposes International Student COVID-19 Quarantine Plan at Parafield Airport

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A previous announcement by Chief Health Officer Nicola Spurrier that approved the reentry of international students is opposed by the Salisbury Council. The citizens and residents comprising the council are worried that coronavirus may escape the facility. There was a lack of consultation regarding the international student coronavirus quarantine plan at Parafield Airport. 

On Sunday, the state government announced that a maximum of 160 international students would be allowed to undergo quarantine at the facility. The accommodation was originally built for the flight schools at Parafield Airport. The Salisbury Council had a unanimous vote to oppose this plan because there was ‚Äúno public consultation on the proposal.‚ÄĚ The council also said that health is the utmost priority of the citizens and businesses. There must be an assurance as well that any health breach at the proposed facility must be avoided.

‚ÄúThese things aren’t foolproof and one of the things that we are calling for as part of the motion is calling on the state and federal government to learn from the recent medi-hotel COVID breaches and construct a purpose-built quarantine facility outside of residential areas,‚Äú said Deputy Mayor, Chad Buchanan.

The council also called for a focus on returning Australian citizens and permanent residents over overseas students. They also suggested that the government improve the medi-hotel system, which is the cause of the outbreak in Victoria.

The quarantine plan for international students will still need federal approval as the government cannot afford any slip-up.

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