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Practical Tips for International Students in Germany

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Going to a new country can feel overwhelming at times, not only are you exposed to a different culture, but you also have to adjust to your host country’s lifestyle, and way of doing things. 

Know these practical tips for students in Germany. 

Germany as a Top Study Destination 

Germany is known as one of the top study destinations in the world, despite not being an English-speaking country. It has been welcoming hundreds of thousands of students for years. 

Also, in 2019, the country has overtaken France in terms of the number of its international degree-seeking students. 

Some of the reasons why Germany is an attractive place for many students is due to the following: 

  • World-class education and top-notched universities¬†
  • Economic opportunities¬†
  • Diverse student population¬†
  • Low cost of education¬†

Practical Tips for Students in Germany

On Saving Money

When going out on your own or with friends, do not ever forget your student ID because they are your key to getting many discounts. 

Students are eligible for discounts or concessionary rates, from supermarkets to movie theatres, swimming, museums, and so on. 

Aside from leisure stuff, students can also get discounts on newspaper subscriptions, mobile phone contracts, and when buying computer software. 

Aside from their school IDs, students can also apply for a Student Identity Card (ISIC), which can include discounts on flight tickets, restaurants, and so on. 

For Long-Term Students, Get Yourself a German SIM Card

If you are planning to stay in Germany and study for one to two years, it would be more practical to buy yourself a German SIM card. This would lessen your expenses of contacting your classmates, friends, and surfing the internet. 

There are two ways to do this, through a mobile phone contract or by purchasing a prepaid SIM card. 

When you opt for a mobile phone contract, aside from a German sim card, your chosen provider will also supply you with a smartphone which you can pay for, for a smaller price. Just make sure that when choosing this, you understand well the terms and conditions, and know how long the contract runs. Make sure that it is within the time you will be staying in Germany. 

A prepaid SIM card, on the other hand, offers flexibility, and there’s no need for any contract. You only receive a certain amount of credit you can use to text, call, or surf the net. Once empty, you can purchase more credit online. 

Accessing Medical Support 

If there’s an emergency, you can either go to the hospital any time of the day or dial Germany’s emergency number of 112. By calling this number, you can request an ambulance to fetch you or get treated by an emergency physician. 

However, if you think your medical issue can wait, or if the emergency happens during normal office hours, you can take advantage of Germany’s Medical Emergency Service, where a General Practitioner can assist you. 

Remember that when going to the pharmacy to buy medicine, you have to make sure that you bring with you a doctor’s written prescription. The only medicines you can buy without a prescription in Germany include over-the-counter medication, such as cough syrup, nose spray, cold medicine, throat lozenges, and so on. 

Those are just some practical tips for international students in Germany. Aside from that, learn more useful tips you can use during your stay in Germany by checking our articles at MSM Unify.


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