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Planning Your Career While in COVID-19 Quarantine

Planning Your Career While in COVID-19 Quarantine

Planning Your Career While in COVID-19 Quarantine
Pasted Image 0Although unexpected circumstances have disrupted the work environment due to the coronavirus, there is still a wide range of options to get your career afloat during quarantine. The pandemic may have jolted us from our comfort zones, but we can still adapt to this new environment. We have gathered ideas to help you get started in this new setup. 


Technology has offered us the opportunity to work without the constraints of making it physical. As we know, many workspaces have shut down in response to COVID-19. But with easy access to social media, video conferencing, and webinar tools, we can grab the opportunities to form networks without exposing ourselves to the risk of getting infected by the virus. Now, it’s the ideal time to focus on completing your resume. Make sure you can properly assess your skills and strengths for a higher chance to ace an interview. You can start with making a profile on job-oriented social media such as LinkedIn. Make sure it’s ready to build your professional network and make connections with other people. 

Also, you could check out some conferences related to your career. Online conferences present opportunities to reach out to others in your field easier. 


This quarantine is certainly the perfect moment to take advantage of the internet to cultivate our knowledge about careers. We can depend on its easy accessibility to browse career-oriented sites such as College Raptor where you can learn a plethora of things about potential careers, how the work environment functions, salaries, and more. 

You can also try scouting for local online career centers which have plenty of resources for you to talk about anything job-related. Talking to the professionals there may help you assist in your career journey. 

Maximize Free Online Courses

Several organizations have given people a chance to enroll in programs for free due to the pandemic. Some of them are bound by time constraints, so make sure to seize the opportunity as soon as you can. Here are a few examples:

But it doesn’t just end here. Other organizations have their doors open for free online courses. 

Planning Your Career in Quarantine

Even if the pandemic is limiting us to find career opportunities or constraining us to attend courses, we can still find ways from the comfort of our homes. We can use the power of technology to push through the limits and find connections through various online mediums to broaden our network, grow our skills, discover new resources, and form relationships. We hope you can use these ideas to your advantage to kickstart your career planning. 

Feeling bummed and bored by the quarantine? Make the most of the time by gathering much-needed information from more articles here at MSM Unify.


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