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Planning to Work in Malaysia? What You Need to Know

Planning to Work in Malaysia What You Need to Know 1

Malaysia is known for its tropical environment, a melting pot in Asia due to the diverse people and languages. It is home to the Petronas Twin Towers and some famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Kinabalu National Park. No wonder Malaysia is a favorite holiday destination for many people worldwide. 

Malaysia is a major producer of palm oil and rubber, and also a successful exporter of electronics, heavy machinery, chemicals, and provider of financial and IT services—a long way from being a mainly agricultural economy. 

In fact, according to the Malaysia Economic Monitor, Malaysia has been experiencing accelerated growth in recent years. 

If you are an international student planning to work in Malaysia after you graduate, here are some noteworthy facts about Malaysia that might help you in your future. 

Malaysia is Home to Many Emerging Industries 

There are many industries in Malaysia currently experiencing accelerated growth. These include the palm oil industry, finance industry, automotive industry, manufacturing industry, and the oil, gas, and energy industry. 

Malaysia’s palm oil industry exports the majority of its palm oil products to China, the US, the EU, India, and Pakistan. As of 2020, Malaysia’s palm oil industry accounts for 34.3 % of the world’s production and export. 

Its oil, gas, and energy sector, on the other hand, has contributed a lot to the country’s GDP. For example, in 2018, the country’s GDP is 20–30% from this sector. 

International Students are Eligible to Work While Studying 

International students in both public and private institutions are lucky because they can already start working in Malaysia while studying, albeit with some restrictions. For example, international students in Malaysia are only allowed to work 20 hours per week, but only during holidays or semester breaks. Another rule is that international students are only limited to work in restaurants, mini markets, hotels, and petrol kiosks, or in an on-campus setting. Remember that students with valid student passes are the only ones allowed to work. 

Malaysia is Home to Around 3 Million Foreign Workers 

Malaysia is home to around 3 million foreign workers and expats, per a World Bank report. Moreover, when it comes to opportunities, Malaysia is home to many international companies. Opportunities are not limited to only occupations for high-skilled professionals. In fact, there are a lot of job opportunities in entry-level jobs in Malaysia for its hospitality and teaching industry. One of the crucial requirements, however, is that applicants should be English-speakers. 

You Need an Employment Pass (EP) to Work 

For fresh graduates, it is worth noting that to be able to work in Malaysia, they need an Employment Pass (EP). An EP can be valid for two to five years and it enables expats to take up employment opportunities in the country.  Moreover, expats can only work for a company specified in their EP. If they change a company, they are required to resubmit an application for an EP. 

For more information about getting into a Malaysian institution and other tips about living in Malaysia, check out MSM Unify’s articles.


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