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Niagara College Introduces Three New Graduate Certificate Programs For 2022

Niagara College Introduces Three New Graduate Certificate Programs For 2022

Niagara College Introduces Three New Graduate Certificate Programs For 2022

This year, prospective Niagara College students can choose from three new graduate certificate programs, all of which are in line with the current times and the growing demand for skilled workers.

The college’s School of Business and Management has introduced Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics programs, while the School of Media Studies has introduced a program that is ideal for the digital age: Social Media Management.

Key Takeaways:

  • Due to the rising demand for skilled professionals, Niagara College is introducing three new graduate certificate programs in 2022.
  • Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics are new programs at the School of Business and Management.
  • The School of Media Studies has launched a new degree called Social Media Management, which is perfect for the digital age.

More than 130 diploma, bachelor’s degree, and advanced level programs, as well as more than 600 credit, vocational, and general interest Part-Time Studies courses, are available at Niagara College.

Supply Chain Management

Niagara College’s School of Business and Management is preparing to welcome its inaugural class of Supply Chain Management students this spring. The first Supply Chain Management class will begin in May. 

Students will be prepared to work in an industry that influences the acquisition, manufacture, warehousing, and distribution of commodities through this one-year graduate certificate program.

Graduates of the Supply Chain Management program will receive advanced standing toward the Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (SCC-CSCMP) designation, the highest recognized professional designation in the field of supply chain management in Canada.

Business Analytics

Students from a variety of professions—from business and HR to marketing, sports, and more—who want to add a layer of applied analytical problem solving to their area of expertise are welcome to apply for the program.

In September 2022, NC will welcome its first Business Analytics class. It is available in a condensed eight-month structure and offers flexible, hybrid learning alternatives. 

Students will learn how to extract relevant insights from huge complicated data sets to support data-driven decision-making in this course, which is designed to prepare learners for high-demand careers in data management.

Social Media Management

The Social Media Management program at Niagara College was created to equip students for a modern, in-demand career in the rapidly growing field of social media management. The college will welcome its first class in Social Media Management in September.

The comprehensive program covers a wide range of topics related to social media, including analytics and tactics, business and marketing, and content development and management.

The new curriculum was created in response to the growing demand for social media specialists across a wide range of industries, not only in traditional media.

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