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Narrowing Your College List Tips and Tricks

Narrowing Your College List Tips and Tricks

Questions That Will Help You Narrow Down Your College List
Having the final say on which college to attend can be challenging. Should you pick a campus in the city or the county? Should you choose a university near or far from home? What factors should you consider in making this big and crucial decision?

If this is an overwhelming task for you, you can read these tips to easily help you narrow your college list:

Compare the Cost of Attendance

You must think of the finances at the forefront of your college hunt. As the cost of education rises year by year, it is just ideal to find an affordable college that also suits your interests. Focus on your estimate of the net price as this is the actual cost after acknowledging the scholarships and grants that are credited to you. If you are worried about your finances, you can look into your college if they offer financial aid packages that will make your study more affordable.

Explore the Academics

There is much more to discover beyond a campus catalog and website. When choosing your major and minor subjects, make sure that you not only research but also engage in discourse with a current student or professor. Know what you want. Choosing a course that will be uninteresting for you is a no-no. Do not pick a major just because it is popular or chosen by your friends.

Take a Glimpse at Campus Life

Aside from continuous learning then graduating, college is way more than that. In your free time, you may want to look into extracurricular activities that will get you engaged on campus. Cross out schools that do not have a happy and diverse environment. Ask if the school has great social opportunities. Think about whether you want to join a club, sports team, cultural group, sorority, or fraternity.

Consider the Location

A college’s location is one thing that you can use as a criterion to narrow down your college list. Decide if you prefer a school in the middle of the city or one in a rural setting that offers many outdoor activities.

If you are unsure about what you want, you can visit the campus and sit in one of the classes. See the campus for yourself. And from there, you will feel if the school is the right fit for you.

Student Resources

A school’s facilities like the library and the dining hall are not just resources for students. There are plenty of them available at your disposal. A lot of campuses offer counseling, study groups, medical checkups, and crisis support for those who need it. See if the college on your list has these offerings just in case.

Learn more about the college before making the final decision. Your list can be continuously changing, and that’s okay.

If you have questions or if you need advice regarding the first phase of college prep, do not hesitate to check our other articles here at MSM Unify.


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