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MSM Unify and upGrad: Helping Upskill Through Online Learning

MSM Unify and upGrad Helping Upskill Through Online Learning

It has often been said that we never stop learning. Even after graduating from university and embarking on a career, we should never stop learning new things. It is for this reason that MSM Unify has undertaken a strategic partnership with leading online learning provider upGrad to offer both students and professionals the advantages of its brand of online learning.

Founded in 2015, upGrad has taken advantage of the growth of online learning to make acquiring new skills easily accessible to anyone who wishes to upskill themselves wherever they are in the world. With distance learning growing by around 150 percent between 1998 to 2009, upGrad aims to make an impact on the lives of students and working professionals who wish to upskill even as they study and work.

Since 2015, upGrad has been offering a host of undergraduate, MBA, and doctorate programs in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Analytics to over 2 million learners worldwide, with an 87 percent completion rate covering roughly 10 million learning hours each year. Moreover, students get to choose from more than 85 courses on offer.

The new strategic alliance between MSM Unify and upGrad offers distinct advantages to students and professionals. These include:

  • Learn from anywhere in the world, at any time
  • Build in-demand skills that can be used for the future
  • Accelerate your career and become job-ready

“upGrad is into online higher education. It offers various courses in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Business Analytics, Global MBAs, and more,” notes Shoaib Khan, the manager of Strategic Alliance and Partnerships at MSM Unify.

These advantages allow MSM Unify students to upskill themselves with useful skills that they can use when they graduate and enter the workplace. Working professionals, meanwhile, will be able to stay ahead of the game with skills that give them an edge over the competition.

The strategic partnership between MSM Unify’s one-stop-shop marketplace and upGrad allows the latter to widen its reach by posting programs on the MSM Unify portal, which in turn are available to international students from around the world. Moreover, MSM Unify students get a special discount whenever they sign up for an upGrad program on the MSM Unify portal.

Learn more about upGrad by visiting here: Study Abroad Application | International Education Marketplace (

About UpGrad

Founded in 2015, upGrad aims to make an impact on professionals and students by helping them upskill through online learning even as they work and study, preparing them for future career growth and advancement.

About MSM Unify

MSM Unify is an AI-powered international education marketplace serving students, agents, and higher education institutions (HEIs). From 40,000+ program offerings to free study guides and smart agent matching, we help students gain full control over their application and increase their chances of success in studying overseas.

Once they apply to their dream school abroad and get accepted into their program of choice, students can also manage this life-changing journey through free tools and resources, articles and quizzes on popular topics, and a discussion forum for like minds on the platform. Read more about MSM Unify About M Square Media (MSM) 

MSM is a leading international education company that establishes global or in-country offices and offers education management, an AI-powered student recruitment marketplace, high-performance student recruitment services, online courses and programs, and a wide range of edtech solutions.

Through these diverse lines of business, we deliver targeted numbers in student recruitment to foster sustained institutional growth and cater to every stakeholder in the industry: schools, agents, and keen learners from around the world. Headquartered  in British Columbia and operating in 17 countries, we strive for people and community empowerment through education, technology, and partnerships with industry and the academe. Read more about MSM


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