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MSM Unify and ISIC Tie Up To Give Students More Than Just Discounts

MSM Unify and ISIC

MSM Unify secures its newest partnership with the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). This globally recognized identification card offers students a host of perks, discounts, and a lot more. It means MSM Unify students can now avail of these perks while ISIC gets counted among the many features of the one-stop marketplace. 

“We made another milestone in international education as we added ISIC to our ever-growing portfolio in MSM. We envision MSM Unify as a one-stop marketplace that provides all the needed support of students for their international education journey,” says Avinav Sharma, Head for Strategy and Business Development for MSM Unify. “Now, it can offer the same discounts and value-added benefits to MSM Unify and its roster of members. Moreover, it ties in with MSM Unify’s one-stop-shop model of giving students numerous benefits to assist them throughout their higher education journey.” 

ISIC is arguably one of the most valuable commodities that students can have on their journey in international education. The card is a multifunctional tool that provides comfort to students from all walks of life, offering thousands of discounts and benefits both locally and worldwide.

As a strategic partner of MSM Unify, ISIC is more than just a means of identifying the cardholder. It offers various benefits in different lifestyle categories such as food, travel, accommodation, education, entertainment, e-shops, and discounts overseas.

  • Overall discounts of INR 1,50,000+ (around US$2,007) 
  • Discounts for food, travel, education, accommodations, discounts abroad, e-shops
  • Available in 125+ countries
  • Used by 100+ million students since 1953

These discounts are available with name brands such as Samsung Electronics. Moreover, international students can avail themselves of special discounted rates for educational institutions, such as: 

  • JetBrains: teaching technology and developer tools such as Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript
  • ISIC Career Center by Kickresume: Create a professional resume that will help you stand out from the pack and get hired by some top global corporations. 
  • ECCEDU: The European Centre for Career Education aims to provide practical education for students by engaging companies and real-life players to teach students all they need to know to thrive in the real world. 

Students can now avail of these programs and courses through special discounted rates using the ISIC. 

The ISIC is more than just a discount card. Students can also earn extra cash by referring the card to their friends and getting INR 1,000 (roughly US$13.38) for every successful referral. This means that students not only get to share the joys of getting perks such as discounts with their friends but also earn while they’re at it.

In addition, students get accident insurance and outpatient department reimbursements worth INR 1,10,000 (about US$1,471.80), giving students peace of mind wherever they go in the world.

The MSM Unify-ISIC partnership adds value to what international students get when they take full advantage of the one-stop marketplace, including discounts on accident insurance. With the ISIC, students can now get a host of discounts at reputable establishments and with top brands worldwide while getting total peace of mind. All this while studying abroad.

Plus, students who apply for their ISIC card on MSM Unify get a 10 percent discount. This means that  from a regular price of Rupees500, they can get their ISIC card for only Rupees450. This equates to a savings of Rupees50. 

“Being a one-stop-shop, MSM Unify’s goal of providing everything an international student needs to realize their dream of getting quality higher education abroad ties in with what the International Student Identity Card has to offer,” Sharma concludes.

The international card has been globally recognized by universities, education institutions, student organizations, national governments, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization since 1968. It also has counterparts for teachers and youth, which offer value services around the world.

About International Student Identity Card

Stic Youth Travels Private Limited is the official Licensed Authority of the International Student Identity Card, along with the International Youth Travel Card and the International Teachers Identity Card–a set of cards that not only help identify the cardholder but offer special discounts  and other privileges to help them on their education and life journey. 

About MSM Unify

MSM Unify is an AI-powered international education marketplace serving students, agents, and higher education institutions (HEIs). From 40,000+ program offerings to free study guides and smart agent matching, we help students gain full control over their application and increase their chances of success in studying overseas. Once they apply to their dream school abroad and get accepted into their program of choice, students can also manage this life-changing journey through free tools and resources, articles and quizzes on popular topics, and a discussion forum for like minds on the platform. Read more about MSM Unify at

About M Square Media (MSM) 

MSM is a leading international education company that establishes global or in-country offices and offers


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