MSM Unify and Housemates Partnership Offers Quick, Secure, and Affordable Student Accommodations in the UK

MSM Unify and Housemates Partnership Offers Quick, Secure, and Affordable Student Accommodations in the UK

MSM Unify and Housemates Partnership Offers Quick, Secure, and Affordable Student Accommodations in the UK

One of the most important aspects of a student’s international education journey is student accommodations. Being able to find a safe and comfortable place to stay while in a foreign land is key. This is why MSM Unify has partnered with Housemates.

Considered as a leading Student Accommodation Expert, Housemates prides itself on providing secure student accommodations in over 25 UK cities in a quick yet secure manner.

Using the power of technology, Housemates collaborates with a wide range of new to established accommodation providers in the fast-growing Purpose Built Student Accommodation sector, insurance companies, baggage handlers, and utility companies across the UK to offer student accommodations, as well as other value-added services to help complete the international education and student accommodation experience. 

It’s all part of Housemates’ Mission of connecting the ecosystem of students, accommodation providers, student brands, affiliates, and institutions through its technology, data, and APIs. In line with this, it is likewise advancing Housemates Occupy, a B2B product that allows accommodation providers to run their entire operations and marketing activities using the Housemates Suite. 

For instance, Housemates can offer insurance for students throughout their stay in the UK. It can also take care of baggage transfers for both international and local students moving into their new home away from home. And of course, being affiliated with utility companies such as electric, heating, and water utilities means that it will take care of providing all these, which are included in what students pay for. 

Plus, one is assured of a transparent system—from the time one books a room online until the time of departure after completing their studies in the UK. This transparency includes providing all the necessary information students and their parents need about the city or locality where their chosen accommodation is located. And speaking of accommodation, being affiliated with a diverse range of student accommodation providers means that students have an equally wide range of choices for shared rooms, private rooms, flats, or even housing—depending on their budget. 

All this has given Housemates an excellent rating by TrustPilot. It has likewise been featured by prestigious media outlets such as BBC, The Telegraph, and The Times. This means students and their parents have a trusted student accommodation provider when they choose to study in the United Kingdom.

With thousands of accommodation choices in top cities such as London, Liverpool, and Manchester, choosing Housemates gives students:

  • Excellent rates with no surprises: Students get great prices that include all bills—giving them truly affordable accommodations within modern and vibrant cities in the UK.
  • Quick bookings: Easily book a room within minutes wherever you are in the world.
  • Secure: One is assured of transparency and security. Students are safe and secure from the time of booking, to their stay, all the way until they complete their studies and depart from the UK.

Looking ahead, Housemates seeks to expand its reach globally by making its presence felt in countries across Europe, Australia,  and New Zealand. To achieve this, it has tied up with even more affiliates and partners such as MSM Unify, with whom it has a shared vision of offering a one-stop, end-to-end platform to help international students in their higher education journey.  

This partnership ensures that MSM Unify, a leading all-in-one marketplace, can offer safe and easy student accommodation bookings to its students wishing to study in the UK. 

“At Housemates, we understand the importance of education agents, student recruitment platforms and the key role they play as part of global student mobility. We have spotted an opportunity with our technology to work with those platforms to add value to their customers,” notes Lydia Jones, Housemates Chief Executive Officer.

As for the partnership with MSM Unify, she says, “The partnership with MSM Unify represents a significant milestone in our journey to going global as a business. We are excited about the impact this is going to have for many students relocating overseas.”

Avinav Sharma, Head for Strategy and Business Operations at MSM Unify, shares, “Our partnership with Housemates highlights our commitment to provide students with a hassle-free international education experience. The MSM Unify platform promotes compliance-based student recruitment coming from well-vetted agents and value-added services to students.”

Learn more about the MSM Unify and Housemates partnership by visiting: Study Abroad Application | International Education Marketplace (msmunify.com)

About Housemates

Housemates is a leading student accommodations expert that provides secure, accessible, and comfortable room accommodations in top cities in the UK. It does so in a quick yet safe manner to help students get settled in quickly and securely. 

About MSM Unify

MSM Unify is an AI-powered international education marketplace serving students, agents, and higher education institutions (HEIs). From 40,000+ program offerings to free study guides and smart agent matching, we help students gain full control over their application and increase their chances of success in studying overseas. Once they apply to their dream school abroad and get accepted into their program of choice, students can also manage this life-changing journey through free tools and resources, articles and quizzes on popular topics, and a discussion forum for like minds on the platform. Read more about MSM Unify at www.msmunify.com

About M Square Media (MSM) 

MSM is a leading international education company that establishes global or in-country offices and offers education management, an AI-powered student recruitment marketplace, high-performance student recruitment services, online courses and programs, and a wide range of edtech solutions. Through these diverse lines of business, we deliver targeted numbers in student recruitment to foster sustained institutional growth and cater to every stakeholder in the industry: schools, agents, and keen learners


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MSM Unify and Housemates Partnership Offers Quick, Secure, and Affordable Student Accommodations in the UK | MSM Unify
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