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Making the Most Out of Virtual Campus Tours

Making the Most Out of Virtual Campus Tours

Making the Most Out of Virtual Campus Tours
After finishing high school, you’ll have to deal with making an important decision of where you want to spend the next four years of your life. But the pandemic came and changed everything. Up until this day, the pandemic continues to affect our everyday lives, including the education sector.

One thing that affected universities is college tours which have become a big part of a student’s college choice process. Tours help students visualize themselves studying and living in the university. Unfortunately, the pandemic forced institutions to limit physical interactions and adapt to safer setups.

At this point, we have all adapted to a new normal full of virtual setups here and there, and schools make the most of this advancement through virtual campus tours. This is a much safer way of learning what the schools have to offer.

Below are some tips and advice on how you can get the most out of these virtual tours:

How to explore a campus virtually

  • Explore all the options available

A lot of universities have allotted time and resources to improve their offerings virtually. From high-quality interactive videos, informative sessions, and webinars, you can learn a lot about a school through these ways. Take advantage of these virtual options offered to you. Find these virtual tours as easy as visiting the school’s webpage.

  • Find facilities relevant to your interests

Look out for the school’s facilities that match your interests. If you are an athlete, check the college’s sports facilities. Are you an artist? Search for the school’s center of fine arts. Imagine yourself in the buildings. Feel as if you are there. There, you will know if the school suits you.

Universities’ virtual campus tours consist of photos, videos, and click-throughs where you can visit each part of the school, just like in an on-campus visit.

  • Pay attention to additional information

Virtual campus tours are interactive where you can click on a building, then read information or hear a prerecorded guide about them. Do not just click through. It may be best to absorb information, even the smallest details.

  • Take notes and ask questions

When you attend virtual tours or online sessions, it is suggested to take down notes and ask questions. Some examples of questions that you would like to ask are the following:

  • What is the demographic of the student population?
  • What majors and minors are being offered?
  • What kind of social life can be expected?
  • How is the food on campus?

Make sure to write down detailed notes. This is a good way of ensuring you remember the information later for decision-making. Try making a pros and cons list of the school. This way, you can easily weigh down all the factors that will convince you to enroll in the university.

It might take some time to return to on-campus visits, but experiencing it virtually can be just as informative and enriching.

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