Living in Canada: What You Should Know

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Canada has always been a top study abroad destination for many years now, along with other English-speaking countries, such as Australia, the UK, and the US. In fact, 26 of its universities ranked in the 2021 QS World University Rankings, with three belonging to the top 100. 

Moreover, being the second-largest country in the world, Canada also boasts a diverse culture. Thus, international students won’t feel alone while there. However, aside from its cultural diversity, what’s life there like? 

If you are an international student and want to have a peek or insight into living in Canada, read below. 

Variety of Food

When one thinks of Canada, the first food that comes to mind is poutine. Basic poutine serving consists of crispy french fries and cheese curds, topped with a rich brown gravy. Some may also include other toppings such as smoked meat or bacon. However, Canada is not just about poutines. In fact, if you visit different parts of the country, you will find out that the country has a wide variety of food you can try. For example, it also has bannock, a type of bread that originally came from Scotland, and was eventually adopted by Canada’s indigenous peoples. 

Moreover, due to the country’s diversity, you are also sure to experience food from different parts of the country, such as Greek, Italian, Korean, and Chinese food. 

Polite and Nice People 

The people of Canada are nice and polite. Thus, it will also do you good to always say “thank you,” “please,” and “excuse me” whenever appropriate when you interact with the cashier, bus driver, or even strangers you meet in public. 

Moreover, as a country known for its politeness, it is normal for people to hold open the door for the people behind them. Although, this will depend on the distance between you and the next person behind you. If it’s too far, do not even bother as it might feel awkward to hold the door for far too long. 


Canada is the second-largest country in the world, thus you will experience different climates in its different regions. 

In the country’s northern part, you can expect extremely cold climates, especially in the winter. Summer there, on the other hand, may usually last less than two months. 

The climate is warmer in the southern part. On its west coast, such as in its city of Vancouver, expect a lot of rain and temperate climates. Moreover, it rarely snows in Vancouver, except in its mountains.

In Toronto, or in areas near it, the climate is more continental. Thus, expect to experience snow in the winter. However, during summer, expect warm and humid weather. 

Leisure and Recreation

Canada may be known for ice hockey. However, aside from this popular winter sport, there are other sports Canadians enjoy playing. 

One such sport is lacrosse, the country’s national sport. Lacrosse, where ice hockey was derived, is a summer sport that has a strong indigenous origin. 

Aside from lacrosse and ice hockey, Canadians also enjoy football, probably through the US influence, and basketball. 

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