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Items That You Don’t Need To Pack For Your Study Abroad

Items That You Don’t Need To Pack For Your Study Abroad

Items That You Don’t Need To Pack For Your Study Abroad
Pasted Image 0Now that you have picked your college, got accepted, and fixed your finances, all you have to do is pack the things that you will be taking with you. Since you chose to study in a place far from you, you will need things that are important in your stay.

Since many items can be purchased in your chosen country, and some things may not be useful, these are not advisable to be put into your luggage. Below are things people pack, but you should not.

Toiletries and Makeup

First, toiletries. Even if these items—your favorite shampoo or face cream—give you comfort, these are items that are often in glass or fragile containers. You certainly would not want to knock them when inside your luggage. What we would suggest is to bring enough toiletries for your first weeks abroad. Then, you will be able to know where to buy these products. These toiletries and makeup are usually international brands. For sure, you will find these exact items in your future home.


We know you will miss your favorite foods from your home country. But if you think that you should put food in your baggage, think about it again. This is a bad idea because a lot of countries do not allow food to enter their borders. You would not want to experience unnecessary stress with the customs official upon your entry.

Countries have developed to meet the needs of their multicultural population. You can enjoy a variety of cuisine that will satisfy your tummy. If you are lucky, there might be a shop that offers food items from your country.


Clothes are a must-bring item. We won’t argue that clothing should be put first in your luggage. But bringing too much is unnecessary. If you will be studying in a country that experiences winter, one coat or jacket is enough. However, this can work in reverse, because you may put another in the underwear portion. Do not pack too much. Clothing shops and boutiques can be found in your chosen destination.

Books and DVDs

These items can take up a huge space in your baggage, not to mention textbooks are heavy. Packing books, along with DVDs, though it gives you entertainment, should be avoided. Instead, download e-books or movie files on your laptop. This takes up space on your laptop and not your luggage.

Sentimental Items

You can bring items that remind you of your family with you. But consider which items to bring. It can cure homesickness but it is also worth noting to limit the number that you will bring. Avoid heavy and spacious items.

The important reminder here is to weigh each item if it would be beneficial for you in the long run. Consider digitally stored photos and reprint them when you arrive in your host country.

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