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IT Sligo Expands Bursaries Scheme for Precision Engineering and Design Applicants

IT Sligo Expands Bursaries Scheme for Precision Engineering and Design Applicants

IT Sligo has announced that six regional employers have reaffirmed their support for the 2022 program after the successful debut of industry-sponsored bursaries for full-time Precision Engineering and Design students last year.

The industrial partners include Abbott Nutrition, Avenue Mould Solutions, Moll Industries Ireland Ltd., Ophardt Hygiene Ireland Ltd., Prior PLM Medical, and Ward Automation. They have each pledged up to 1,500 EUR for students beginning the degree program at IT Sligo in September 2022.

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  • IT Sligo has spent over one million Euros on precision engineering equipment and facilities.

In the last five years, IT Sligo has invested over 1 million EUR in equipment and facilities to support precision engineering degrees.

Precision engineering comprises the design and manufacture of complex objects, equipment, tools, and instruments, the components of which must be completely accurate in shape and size, have extremely tight tolerances, and be manufactured repeatedly to exact specifications.

Comprehensive material and testing laboratories, industry-standard software, robotics, integrated manufacturing unit, wire eroder, and 3D printers are available to students.

Students take numerous modules similar to both precision and mechanical engineering, preparing them for careers in design, manufacturing, CNC programming, validation, project management, and procurement.

Employers in the medical device, advanced manufacturing, and precision engineering industries seek high-quality graduates.

The direct link between third-level education and industry is deemed to benefit both students and employers in the long run.

Students interested in applying for the bursaries should contact the companies directly for more information. Students will be awarded the bursary if they pass their first-year exams in Precision Engineering & Design at IT Sligo.

Moreover, on April 1, 2022, IT Sligo will be renamed Atlantic Technological University (ATU).

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