Introducing the MSM Unify Marketplace

Introducing the MSM Unify Marketplace

Free resources, agent matching and other tools to help prospective international students gain full control over every facet of their application

From program selection all the way to the admission requirements and guidance in English language tests like the SAT and GMAT, the Marketplace has it all.

The Marketplace: Features and Benefits

We’ve listened and heard students’ concerns and their hardships in looking for a college or university for overseas studies.

Here, students are provided with ease of access to jumpstart their international education. Our platform will match them with the right agent to help them sort through thousands of programs, universities, and countries that fit their interests and profile.

Once they have applied to their dream school abroad and have been accepted into their program of choice, students will be able to manage the nearly treacherous road to international education through their agent, free tools and resources, a discussion forum for like minds, and value-added services on the platform.


The marketplace is a treasure trove of international education resources. Just some tools and services to expect Рall absolutely FREE to access: 

  • Want to know the ins and outs when preparing for college interviews?¬†
  • How about up-to-date information on currently available education loans, Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC), authorized bank information, and interest rates?¬†
  • Maybe the best options for dorm or living arrangements?¬†
  • How about preparing for standardized English tests?
  • Or perhaps how to get around a certain town or city?¬†
  • Why not join webinars and knowledge sessions to be part of the conversation?


Virtually everything you need to know about international education is right here.

If you have specific queries, join us on our forum dedicated to international education! Experts and agents on and in the field will chime in from time to time to answer and supply information currently hardly found on the web!

Want to see the Marketplace in action?


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