In-Demand Industries in the UK in 2021

In-Demand Industries in the UK in 2021

In-Demand Industries in the UK in 2021

The United Kingdom, much like the rest of western Europe, is widely hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Many UK industries, especially in hospitality, have experienced a negative impact due to restrictions. In fact, according to a UK Office for National Statistics report, businesses, including restaurants, pubs, and hotels have recorded almost no output from April to May of last year. That said, with mass vaccinations ongoing, it is only a matter of time before the UK eases some restrictions and fully reopens.

Trends and Industries that Emerged During the Pandemic

Despite the shrinking of many industries in the UK, some have fared better and even recorded marginal growth. For example, online retail has reached an all-time high over the course of the pandemic, took a dip when shops reopened, but recovered again and adjusted since October 2020. 

Aside from the rise of online retail, one of the most noticeable things about the emerging industries and jobs in the UK is the importance of transferable skills. Such skills made it possible for many individuals to transition to another industry after their former industry experienced hardships amid the pandemic. 

Aside from online retail, there are many other industries and job roles that have experienced growth during the pandemic. If you have been planning to study in the UK, this list can help you learn about the emerging in-demand jobs in the UK right now, and in the coming years.

E-commerce Related Roles 

The UK has experienced a 143% increase in hiring people for jobs related to e-commerce, with Amazon hiring the most employees. This is due to the increase in online shopping and grocery, especially for people aged 55 and older. Some e-commerce related jobs include drover, supply chain associate, warehouse team lead, and online specialist. Moreover, due to e-commerce, the hiring of people for customer service roles also increased by 54%. Some job roles for customer service include customer service consultant, customer contact representative, and customer service specialist. 


The healthcare system and services, in general, have become a great focus during the pandemic. Healthcare specialists, supporting staff, and other medical professionals have all become in demand and hold crucial roles in taking care of the people in the past year. Healthcare supporting staff, which includes health advisors, health coaches, home health aides, and healthcare assistants, has experienced a 73% growth in hiring. On the other hand, other medical professionals including laboratory scientists, intensive care nurses, pharmacy assistance, and medical laboratory assistants have experienced a 58% growth in 2020. 


Construction for commercial buildings may have been affected negatively and halted during the pandemic. However, the lockdown has opened up opportunities to smaller construction firm companies, and UK homebuilders. In fact, roles in construction have experienced a 132% in the UK in 2020. Some job roles for construction include site specialist, construction specialist, construction worker, site manager, and mason.  

Digital Content Creation and Marketing

Social media and marketing have benefited greatly from people’s increased online presence and use. In fact, the sector has experienced a 52% growth in 2020. The sector has also seen an increase in demand for roles related to digital content creation and digital marketing. Some job roles that became in-demand include growth specialist, social media manager, marketing consultant, blogger, content coordinator, podcaster, and so on. 

Tech and Specialized Engineering 

Tech-related job roles have already been in constant demand even before the pandemic happened. However, in 2020, the roles, especially in AI specialization, have experienced a 40% rate in hiring. Specialized engineering roles, on the other hand, have experienced a 45% rise in 2020. Some jobs related to the two industries include software engineering specialists, game developers, reliability engineers, back-end developers, machine learning researchers.

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