Ideal Part-Time Job Industries for Students

Ideal Part Time Job Industries for Students 2

Studying abroad can be costly and you need to find ways on how to make things work. You can either find scholarship grants, apply to affordable universities, or get a part-time job. Whatever you choose, it is a good decisionā€“especially part-time jobs, as it does not only provide you financial support but also helps you gain knowledge and skills for future work.

Here are some ideal part-time job industries that students can check out:

Retail industry

The sales or retail industry ranges from a clothing shop to your local supermarket, but once you work as a salesman or saleswoman, expect to work on the tills, stock shelves, learn prices, and offer customer service.

Considered one of the easiest industries to get into, the retail industry is a good first work experience. If you are interested in finding a job in stores, inquire to the ones in charge in the shop and submit a CV.

Some stores may demand you to find details on their websites if they are open for a job. Once you’ve found jobs that you are interested in, fill in the applications, and you’re good to go.

You can easily find a retail part-time job around Christmas when stores need most staff, with no work experience required. However, working hours can be inconsistent, and you may be required to work on the weekend.

Service industry

The service industry consists of all jobs that offer services to customers, from waitressing to bartending. Here, duties can involve taking orders, cooking food, and washing dishes, if you are working in the fast-food industry.

A big pro of working in the service industry is free food and tips. This is why it has become a popular student job. It also does not require applicants to have work experience. The only downside is that it can be tiring with long working hours.

Bar work

Working in a bar is also a great option, which may include collecting glasses, promoting events, monitoring a club’s cloakroom, up to cleaning.

Bars are everywhere and are just within a university’s town, meaning, there is a lot of potential employment waiting for everyone. Uni bars are flexible in their work schedule with evening shifts that won’t erase your worry of missing classes. Tips are also a benefit of working in a bar. However, you may have to deal with drunk customers and late hours of work.

There are a lot more part-time student jobs to choose from: tutor, babysitter, bookkeeper, bank teller. The list goes on, and all you have to do is take the risk. Consider these alternatives to help you support your study as well as boost your ego knowing that you can finally make it all by yourself.

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