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How You Can Stand Out at Career Fairs

Career Options in Human Resource Management

So, polish your resume, dress your best, and learn these tips that will be helpful for you to catch the employer’s eye.

Personalize your resume

Make your resume stand out by making it visually stunning. Do not use that usual white Word resume. Employers probably have seen them a lot of times. Putting some color or detail that still looks professional is a plus. Especially when you are an art major, it is expected for you to submit a creative resume. One tool that you can easily use for your resume is Canva and Visualize where multiple layouts and templates are available to be used. Maximize your art skills but do not put in excessively. Know what is enough and what will look good for your employer.

Be confident

Before going to the job expo, you need to research and be familiarized with the companies and organizations seeking employees. Also, when you prepare a list of questions, it will show that you are confident. This does not only come across to them that you are interested in the job, but it also displays your confidence in your skills.

Ask questions

Asking a question at visiting tables can both be risky and beneficial. When you ask, a recruiter knows how interested you are in their company. But it is also worth noting to avoid simple questions answerable by yes or no. Why? Because the networking time will be short and this simply cuts conversations. What you have to do is do your research and ask specific and thoughtful questions. This can be about the working environment, or the position you are applying for.

Dress to impress

Normally, job fairs require applicants to dress in interview attire or business casual but you don’t have to wear a blazer. Unless otherwise stated, you should dress smartly and professionally. Moreover, you should also bring a pen, folder, and clipboard for taking down notes. Dressing up shows that you are serious about the potential of working in a corporate setting.

Say thank you

It is a basic courtesy to say thank you when a person gives time and effort to you. So, in your career fair, you must let the recruiters know how thankful you are for having the engagement even in just a small time. Usually, they will give their contact info just in case you have queries after the fair. You can send them a simple thank-you email which can help you stand out as a polite applicant.

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