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How You Can Network in High School and College

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Network with parents’ friends and friends’ parents

If you are still in high school, it may be best to start with the adults that are familiar to you. Whether these are the parents of your friends or friends of your parents. These adults are professional persons that will make a great resource, especially if they are involved in the field you’re entering.

Take the opportunity to get to know them. You might be surprised when you learned that your godparent is a respected person in the industry.

What is important about this is, adults have built connections of their own and they might recommend you to another person or for an opportunity. Upon graduating from college, you will have a strong foundation of connection with these family friends.

Network through internships or jobs

Internships and other job positions are considered a stepping stone in lots of career paths. Not only does this help you make money and obtain skills, but it also boosts your networking skills. While working, you will get along with employers, colleagues, and even clients. Who knows, one of these will be that person who will change your life when you land your dream job.

Network by joining clubs

Schools have plenty of clubs and organizations that you can engage in. You can join interest clubs, varsity teams, performing groups, and those that can help boost your resumés like leadership or volunteer work.

Being a member of a club increases your chances to have a wide network through fellow org mates and advisors. You will also meet professors and professionals at events.

Network with social media

Most students’ faces are glued to their phone screens but wouldn’t it be worth it if students also spend time networking? It is never too late to create your LinkedIn profile that can easily keep your connections together. LinkedIn is easy to use where you can widen your network when you start finding a job after college.

Moreover, other social media platforms can also be useful for you. Twitter can be a great resource for networking. Build contacts in your field using a professional account. You can also interact with other accounts through follows, mentions, and retweets.

Even if you’re still in high school, it is not too early to start networking. Having the right connection could be the key to the job you dream and aspire to.

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