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How to Work in New Zealand After Graduation

How to Work in New Zealand After Graduation

How to Work in New Zealand After Graduation

New Zealand’s global charm is derived from many things that make it unique among the world’s best destinations. Their landscapes boast a striking beauty where adventures remain a staple of the Kiwi life. 

From their phenomenal handling of the pandemic, high quality of life, robust education, and booming job market, New Zealand is definitely a dream destination for most.

However, all these fantastic facets don’t come easy. If you want to settle in New Zealand for a longer time, you need to land a job after graduation.

Here’s a guide on how to work in New Zealand after graduation and unlock limitless career opportunities:

Applying for a Post-Study Work Visa

A Post-Study Work Visa allows you to work in New Zealand for up to three years. Your qualifications and where you studied would define the length of your stay. 

There are several conditions to remember when applying for a Post-Study Work Visa. These include not engaging in commercial sexual services and applying for the visa only once except for certain conditions.

Your qualification must be considered acceptable to apply. It is acceptable under two conditions: First, you studied in New Zealand. Second, your qualification is at least level four on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

Levels four to six are acceptable if you completed a study of 60 weeks or more. You must also have gained two qualifications each with 30 weeks of study.

For level seven or higher, your qualification is acceptable if your course involved 30 weeks of study.

You can also apply for a different type of visa depending on your situation. There are different visa options in New Zealand including Essential Work Visa and Skilled Migrant Visa.

Finding the Right Job 

There are various ways to find a job in New Zealand after graduating. The first of which is navigating through the New Zealand Now Website to gather more information about employment in the country.

The New Zealand Now Website offers sections for recruitment companies and occupational registration. They also offer helpful articles such as succeeding in interviews and creating an NZ-style CV.

You can also look for job postings on the Working in New Zealand website. New Zealand employers typically look for skilled foreigners if there aren’t any nationals to fill the role. 

There are various job websites in New Zealand based on specific industries. These include Education Jobs, Dairy farming Jobs, and Healthcare Jobs.

New Zealand also offers a national service for skilled immigrants including their partner seeking employment. The New Kiwis online migrant recruitment service matches each applicant with an employer that needs the skill they offer. You may also contact employers directly and send in your CV.

It’s not easy to find jobs in New Zealand after graduation, but accurate information can help you in your journey. 

New Zealand offers many work opportunities for international students who finished their education in the country. Read more of our articles here at MSM Unify to discover more job opportunities abroad. 


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