How To Solve Disputes Between You and Your Roommates

So you and your roommates got into a fight. Not only are you in a conflict with other people, but they happen to be staying under the same roof as you are.

More than trying to appease the situation, solving disputes is a sign of personal maturity. Harmless bickering is normal among roommates. But as soon as tension rises, emotions can get out of control.

Before you spiral out of your even-tempered nature, relax. Take a step back and assess the situation. You’re allowed to feel angry if you are. But if no one’s taking the leap to resolve the issue, who else will.

If you got into a serious mishap with your roommates, here’s how you can manage the issue:

Remain Calm and Clear-Headed

Serious disputes can send anyone into a range of emotions. Unfortunately in most cases, senseless fury dominates before guilt kicks in. And in these moments, people often say things they don’t mean.

Whether you’re friends with your roommates or not, you must refrain from saying things that could potentially hurt them. This only worsens the problem and doesn’t solve anything.

Try to remain as calm as you can to absorb the situation. Emotions can cloud your vision but you must stay clear-headed.

Hear What Everyone Has to Say

Once everyone has calmed down, try to get into a listening session where everyone has the chance to talk. Maybe there have been issues in the past that have been bothering them. And it wasn’t until the fight that they just exploded.

When they talk, don’t just listen but understand. Try to get into their shoes and see things from their perspectiveĀ 

Remember, the goal of having this conversation isn’t to prove who’s right or wrong. The goal is to listen to everyone’s sentiments.

Get Into the Crux of the Issue

During the said conversation, try to get into the crux of the problem. No matter how trivial the cause of your fight seems to be, it may have been rooted in something deep.

Once you’re there, find ways to eliminate the cause of the issue. It’s best to address them as soon as possible so you can avoid getting into the same problem again.

Take the Time to Let Off Steam

There’s no problem if you haven’t solved the issue in a day or a week. Everyone is entitled to feel what they feel and come to terms at their own pace.

Get out. Jog along the park and take a breather from the situation. This is also a great way to get you into the right mood to reconcile.

Cooperate to Reconcile

Finally, get things back to the way they used to be, or even better than before. Reconciliation won’t come easy, and everyone has to earn their share of peace.

Once the dispute has been resolved, commit to keeping a harmonious balance in your flat or dorm. Studying overseas is hardā€”having each other’s back can help make things easier.

Disputes are normal among roommates until they get serious enough to handle. If you want to maintain a great relationship with your roommates, find more tips here at MSM Unify.


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