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How To Deal With Morning Classes

How To Deal With Morning Classes

We all know that college is a lot tougher and different from high school. Your mind and body were set in an 8-hour long solid school day in high school. This is not the same in college where you might have an 8 AM class then a gap then a class in the afternoon.

Morning classes have become every college student’s walking nightmare. Below are some tips on how you can get through early morning classes:

  • Get plenty of sleep

A full eight hours of sleep is a privilege for every college student. Living on your own, you have the freedom to set everything, even your bedtime. You can stay up anytime you want to study or socialize. As a result, this will leave you with less time to sleep.

What you need to do is maintain a consistent sleeping pattern. Coordinate a sleep schedule with your roommate to avoid flashing lights or talking loud on Skype when you are still asleep. Set what time you will both turn off the lights.

Being well-rested makes you wake up in a good mood and have enough rest time.

  • Set multiple alarms

Sleeping is irresistible and snoozing is tempting. What a combo. Delaying your wake-up time and extending your sleep for a couple of minutes may be hard to resist. If you can avoid it and easily get up after one alarm, great. If not, you should set multiple alarms. Two or three alarms are advised.

  • Keep your alarm far from reach

If your alarm is near you and within your reach, it is likely for you to snooze it. But when you physically need to get out of bed to turn off the alarm, it makes you more awake. If you enjoy snoozing your alarm, do not place your phone or clock on the bedpost or near the lamp. Being on your feet will be much easier to start your morning.

  • Get your caffeine fix

Coffee is everyone’s morning buddy. You might be surprised by the number of cups in your morning classes. Even your professors need a little bit of caffeine to set the morning right. Caffeine, no secret, shakes off a person’s sleepiness. Also, eat your breakfast to keep up your energy. A simple cereal bowl, a banana, toast, or granola bar lets you have energy stored in your body that keeps you awake and alert.

  • Sit in the front

Sitting in the front of your classes while listening to a lecture is a good way when you are worried that you might fall asleep in class. You certainly wouldn’t be that person that falls asleep in lecture and then snores. Keep your attention by focusing on your professor in front of you.

Start your morning by following these tips. After all, you will eventually learn to adapt to the college’s ways.

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