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How To Be a Considerate Roommate

How To Be a Considerate Roommate

How To Be a Considerate Roommate
College could mean a lot of things. Apart from higher levels of study, it also is a time for an exciting journey of meeting new faces and experiencing life-changing moments.

But this thrilling journey usually begins at your dorm. Before packing your bags for college, you must first read this article to learn how you can be a good roommate.

  1. Be open to differences

Outside your home, there are a lot of people that you will meet, with different values, perspectives, beliefs, and lifestyles. What you need to do is expand your horizon by accepting their views. Get to know them as well as learn from them. After all, friendship is a two-way street. You learn, and your friend learns from you, too.

  1. Make a guest policy

Let’s say you are an introvert who values alone time but your roommate is the other way around, and is an extrovert who loves spending time with friends all day. To avoid conflict, set up a guest policy. Are sleepovers fine? When can guests visit? Until what time should they be around? Better, layout a roommate agreement at the start of the year to avoid roommate fights.

  1. Know how to deal with noise

Noise is always part of dorm life. From people talking, music, TVs, alarm clocks, and many more. It is sometimes inevitable so try to wear earplugs to bed. But if you can control it, talk to your roommate if they become noisy. Ask them to avoid unnecessary noises, snoozing the alarm clock, or having late-night calls when you are studying or sleeping. The keyword here is communication.

  1. Clean up after yourself

For sure, no one wants to live in a dirty room. And you and your roommate will likely clash about cleanliness. If you are a tidy person who loves to organize everything, you might be given a messy sort of roommate. So, discuss your needs and set up cleaning arrangements. Who will clean on this day? Who is assigned to do the dishes? Come to a consensus so you can both live happily.

  1. Follow dorm rules

Aside from your own house rules, it is also important to follow the residency rules of the dormitory. There are dorm regulations that are designed to follow safety and health standards. Examples would be a curfew, pet policy, guest policy, and in-dorm appliances.

  1. Try to form new bonds

It is necessary to create long-lasting bonds in your stay at college. Being away from family and friends can make you lonely at times. But befriending your roommate or flatmate is a good way of coping up with this. Invite them for a movie night out or cook food for everyone. That said, do not force it. If you don’t match well with your roommate, that’s fine. As long as you respect each other and get along, it is more than enough.

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