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Great Tips For Earning the Highest SAT Score You Can

Great Tips For Earning the Highest SAT Score You Can

Great Tips For Earning the Highest SAT Score You Can
Pasted Image 0Every student aspires to get a perfect score to boost their chances to be accepted into a school. On the SAT, you can get a maximum of 1600. To be able to earn this, you must have a perfect 800 on both the Math and the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) portions. It is achievable. But realistically, the odds may be against you.

To give you some data, in 2019, the total of test-takers who scored between 1400 and 1600 is only 7%. Fewer scored a perfect 1600.

Hence, the statistics show that earning the perfect SAT score can be challenging. It would require you a lot of time and effort that may leave your other college-related tasks little or no time for prep. There is no problem in dreaming big, but it pays to be more realistic and set your expectations in line with what you are personally capable of.

Here are some tips that can help you to ace your SAT:

Take SAT Practice Tests

It is only a must that you take practice tests to help you be familiarized with the test’s format. You should simulate your surroundings as if you are on the actual test day. So, before the practice test, you have to get everything ready, set a timer, and shut off your phone.

Remember that timing is crucial when taking the SAT. Timing your practice tests gives you an idea of how much time should be allotted on this and that, and where you should focus more. It makes your test performance better and more organized.

Using One-On-One Help

While most students excel in individual practice tests, some do better when with another person. If you think getting one-on-one help will be beneficial for you, you can look for an SAT tutor. However, this can be costly when you hire a private tutor. You can lessen the cost by setting up a group tutorial with your friends. This can also be free if your school offers a free SAT review class.

Master the SAT

In taking the SAT, you will find it to be different from other standard tests. It is important that you know how the SAT goes since it has a unique format, detailed scoring system, and regulations in the testing area. You can try taking a full SAT practice test without any distractions. Doing this will help prepare you for your test day.

Set a Schedule for Test Study

Make a study schedule that works for you spanning at least a month. You don’t want to cram everything the week before your SAT, so making a schedule is really important. You have the freedom to decide what subject to study per day. But don’t exhaust yourself. Take breaks. Setting a schedule helps you pace out your study and prevents you from cramming.

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